Monday, October 20, 2014

A Tiny Home Thanks

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A year and a half ago, we had just moved out of our apartment that we lived in and called home for two years, it was the first place of our own but had become terribly infested with roaches which we took as a sign to move on. Brandon had also just quit his life-consuming job and we decided to move back into my dad’s house to regroup. We were figuring out what our next move would be when all of the sudden, my step-brother, Joe died. For those that don't know much about him, he was my age and was in school. I had basically grown up with him, first as a family friend and then as a brother. He was brilliantly intelligent and was one of those people that was always cracking jokes. It didn’t matter what you said, he could turn around in a split second with a hilarious comeback that had everyone smiling and laughing. So when he passed, it was a shock and it was devastating to everyone.

About a week after he died, a group of us went to the Pharmm for an emotional healing class, I figured it was just what I needed, and I was right. I remember, the day leading up to that, I was so anxious and fidgety. But as always, the moment I stepped into the pharmm, an immediate calm washed over me, I was surrounded by some of the most healing, and beautiful beings I could be with, I was exactly where I needed to be in this infinitely accepting and supportive environment where no one was telling me what to do or what to feel, I could just open my heart and be what I needed to be. I had had this dream of the tiny home for a while, I think I had mentioned it to my parents and they kind of brushed it off, thinking it was just another one of my crazy dreams. But at this class, I remember thinking so much of this tiny home dream, it just kept popping up in my head and I kept feeling this urge to pursue it.  

One of the most important things I took away from Joe’s death is that life is short and I didn’t want to waste any moment of it. That night, through all of the emotional healing I learned to let go, let go of expectations, let go of the sadness I was holding onto, to let go of the meaningless chatter in my head, let go of all paths that everyone had already laid out for me, and to let go of all the fears that were holding me back. I learned to trust in and listen to my heart. Now, most of all, I knew that I needed to follow my heart to lead me to where I needed to be.

I remember sitting alone with Brandon at the end of all of the healing, looking into his beautiful blue eyes, and I had this huge weight on my heart. Finally, I blurted out, “We need to build the tiny home” And to my surprise he just replied “I know”. And it felt a lot like the moment years ago that I finally told him that I loved him or that I was pregnant, it was something we both knew in our hearts that we needed to do and we committed to it together, knowing it would change our life forever but in a big beautiful way. And in that moment, we surrendered to what our heart was guiding us to. It was so scary guys, terrifying actually but somehow we knew it would all turn out ok. Or you know, even better than ok. 

So we started planning and setting the gears in motion. It was a big undertaking but I think one of the greatest aids to us was that we knew we wouldn’t be alone. We knew we would receive the help that we needed, when we needed it. We put our trust and faith in the universe to make this dream happen for us. And that’s where our community comes in! From the beginning, we knew we wanted to involve our community as much as possible and now that it is complete, we have so many people to thank! So here goes: 


-First off we want to thank our biggest supporters of all, our parents! I want to thank my dad for his infinite supply of power tools and knowledge, for coming all the way up to where we live and basically doing all of our electrical work for us, and also, for letting me raid his garage for supplies he forgot he even had! I know this crazy tiny home thing wasn’t something he was exactly thrilled about but still he remained supportive and even though he didn’t really have a choice, he has helped us and still helps us immensely throughout this entire tiny home building process. 

-I want to thank my mom and step-dad for their support, for their help watching Eliza, for their building and design advice, for their insulation donation, and for letting me dig through their trash and collect the wood that is now on our floors and ceiling. 

-For Brandon's dad, Patrick, who came out to help us build the tiny home and provide his man power to get this thing going! 

- A huge thanks to our friend, Fabian, for graciously coming out here on his own time and installing our plumbing for us and also, for leading us to some awesome free wood! 

-Jackson and Jordan Fox for their assistance in building the very foundation that our house sits on.

-Jerry and Julie for their generous donation to they tiny home and letting us borrow the table saw that has come in so much handy! 

-Also, to Uncle Jon who is funding our future solar power plans. 

-And thanks to my brother, Jon, and friend/mentor/life coach, Joseph, for coming out and helping us install siding. 

-To Justin for helping us paint! 

-To that guy that lent us the jigsaw thing. 

-To New Living for providing us with non-toxic paint to beautify our home. 

-To Craigslist and all the wonderful people on there from whom we’ve scavenged many of our building materials from. 

-To the neighbors directly across from us and over to the right for lending us supplies as well.

-To any and everyone that has offered us support, motivation, insight, and inspiration. 

-And last but not least, we want to thank Diana who has been the most help to us. For letting us build our house on this land, for letting us partially habitat her house while we build our own, for being so patient with us, for being one of our biggest supporters and motivators, and for just being there when others were not. We would have never gotten this project started if it weren’t for you. You are one of the biggest believers in our vision and we are infinitely grateful for that. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on when needed, it hasn’t been easy for any of us all of the time but thank you for being there for us 100% of the time.


This dream wouldn’t have come true without the support of all these beautiful people in our community. Building a house is no piece of cake ya’ll. Sometimes it was a blast, sometimes it was confusing, sometimes it was a down right struggle but we made it out in the end and I am so grateful for everyone that took part in our journey.

It has been a crazy awesome year and a quarter, building this tiny home of ours. And I just want to add that it’s never too late to make your own dreams come true. Because what is the point of your life if you don’t choose to do what you want to do, if you don’t listen to your heart and trust it to guide you to where you need to be. We’ve experienced a lot of death over the past year and a half and it is a constant reminder for us to live life in the present. To live life now. And even though Joe can not be here physically, I believe he has always been here encouraging us and helping us along this journey. So I want to thank him most of all, for being a constant inspiration for us, I know in my heart that he is watching over us and guiding us to bigger and better things each day. 

Thank you all. We did it!!
(updated tiny home tour coming soon!)

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