Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why Diets Don't Work.

I could go on and on about my opinion of dieting but I'll just let the facts do the talking. 

My two cents for anyone that wants to lose weight, get healthy, or both: 

Listen to your body and what it needs, it knows better than you but you have to learn to notice and interpret it's signs. For example, got a sweet tooth? Eat some fruit! Learn to trust your intuition.

Eat healthy foods, change your lifestyle to support your body. Is your body out of whack? Maybe look at what you're putting into it, eh? Put down the junk food. Resist the animal products. Stay away from gluten. We all know these things are bad for you. And don't restrict. I think the video explained that well enough. 

Reduce your toxin intake. So that includes anything that comes in contact with your skin, lungs, or your digestive system. They are called toxins for a reason and don't belong on/in your precious body. 

Exercise consistently. Everyone knows this is an important key to getting healthy but nobody wants to do it. Make it fun. Get a workout buddy! Your body will thank you in the form of endorphins which brings me to my last point:  

Be happy. 

Kind of frustrated with the way people (mostly women) think these days, always complaining but not willing to do the work. They're always looking for the next fad diet or drug that is going to make them miraculously skinny and healthy and happy and perfect. No. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. Just be good to your body.

And be fudging patient! It takes a while to heal after any kind of abuse, your body is not excluded from that. Things aren't going to change overnight. This is a fact of life. 

Rant over. 
*deep exhale

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