Saturday, September 13, 2014

When Eliza Turned 5

Ok, so it was quite a while ago but I just realized I never put up these pictures! So in July (yaaaaa, it's been that long) Eliza turned 5. It was a hectic summer, so we didn't have one big, huge celebration. She had more like an entire birthday week with 4 mini celebrations, one with each of her grandparents. But as is tradition, we started her actual birthday off with a stack of birthday pancakes. 
IMG_7050 copy
I know this is about Eliza and all but look at that gorgeous man of mine. Hot damn. 
IMG_7057 IMG_7054 IMG_7059 IMG_7061 IMG_7066 IMG_7071 IMG_7073
The rest of the day consisted of a trip to the children's museum, eating yummy food, and seeing Beauty of the Beast performed by a kid's summer camp which Eliza loooooved. Seriously, she was born to be a theatre kid. 
IMG_7079 IMG_7084 IMG_7090
Her favorite part about the children's museum is their fake grocery store. We literally spent the entire time in there and then left. And she loved every minute of it. 

Boy does time fly.
IMG_5162 copy