Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kentucky: Part 5 (the last!)

The last night in Kentucky, we stayed at a lodge type place for the wedding we were attending. It was so beautiful and right on the lake (don't ask me which one though, I have no idea). Here was the view from our room: 
IMG_6902 copy IMG_6907
IMG_7025 copy
This was in the lobby, loooooooooved this building. 
IMG_6922 copy
Brandon and I adventured a little around the trails on the property and even got to work out at their fancy gym. Holla for being fit!
IMG_6939 IMG_6929 IMG_6938 IMG_6951
And then there was the wedding which was more of a reception because they had already had their destination wedding prior to this. 
IMG_6962 IMG_6988
The lighting was terrible, this was the best picture I got of the bride, groom, and daughter, the flower girl. 
IMG_7001 IMG_7008
Oh and the cake. Smashing. Into faces. Yes.

After a slow and only slightly miserable morning after, we packed up our stuff and hit the road! Time to go home. 

Oh, but not before one last trip to Belew's! For old time's sake. 
IMG_7039 IMG_7042
One of the few non-vegan meals I had and the last of that trip. I decided to go out with a bang. 

Ay yai yai. I swear I must have taken over 1,000 pictures. Luckily most were multiples and I was able to pair it down to about 100. 

But I'm really glad we got in one really good road trip this summer to somewhere I had never been. It's always an adventure. 
IMG_5162 copy