Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kentucky: Part 3

After a few days in the log cabin, we skipped houses again and stayed with my mother-in-law's sister.... my aunt-in-law? They had a cute, old house in Paducah, Kentucky. I loved admiring the architectural details (saving some ideas to use in my own home!) and all of their knick knacks and eclectic decor. 
IMG_6686 IMG_6690 IMG_6698 IMG_6692 IMG_6684 
I just love all of the simple, old-school moldings and trim in this house! 
IMG_6700 IMG_6707 IMG_6704 IMG_6726 copy IMG_6718
Look how cute! 
IMG_6716 IMG_6721 copy

We spent a day walking around the town center and the flood wall, covered in murals, that protects the city from the Ohio River. 
IMG_6733 IMG_6740 copy IMG_6734 IMG_6744 IMG_6755 IMG_6757 IMG_6760 IMG_6762 IMG_6764
A little town history for ya! 

IMG_5162 copy