Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eating Raw Till 4: Tips For Staying On Track

I'm not saying I eat perfect. No one where near it actually. Especially when we go out of town, I always seem to lose all of my self control and motivation. But when I'm home, I try my hardest to stay on track and I always love the results. So I thought I'd write out what helps me keep my diet clean and healthy!

-Find inspiration, daily. Healthy people, fit people that eat right and exercise regularly. I instagram a lot so I made a point to follow these type of people so that they show up in my feed every day. I follow tons of people that eat raw, work out on the daily, and share their transformations which is a huge inspiration to me. If they can do it, so can I! I also love to search for videos on Youtube to help keep me on track. This also means that you need to keep bad influences at bay. So if you follow people that constantly post pictures of junk food and all the other terrible things they eat and it makes you want to run to the nearest fast food joint for a burger, you'll probably not going to do too well. 

"Do you have a confused body image?
...Surround yourself with live people, media and images of muscular people. Join a running club and notice the shape and form of athletic people who seem healthy to you. Attend yoga classes and notice the form of people who are highly capable and have stamina all through class.

I developed my ideals for the shape I want during yoga class. I find that the women in yoga look like I want to look. Not overly muscular and not really thin. Capable, strong women who do a lot of yoga tend to have heavily muscled thighs, buttocks and shoulders, while having thin waists, toned abdomens, toned slender calves, and defined medium-sized arms. I personally find this form the most attractive and natural on a woman. I notice this form is not small, nor bulky, nor does it contain excess fat.

Cultivating a sense of what healthy people look like will help you straighten out your idea for what you want yourself to look like." 

-Plan plan plan. And then stick to it. But most importantly, stick to it. This is something I'm not so great at. But when I do stick to my own plan, things go really well. That said, it's nice to be a little flexible. Just not too much so that you completely stray from your plan and forget all about it. 
Forgive yourself but don't go too easy. There's a fine line between giving yourself a break and falling into a bad, lazy routine. 

-Give yourself a scheduled day off where you can just do what you need to do. If this means eating out and skipping the work out, than do it. This way you can avoid splurging when you don't need to.  
Surround yourself with supportive people and lots of healthy food. Now this one is really hard for me. This lifestyle is particularly out of the "norm" for most of america so it's easy to be overwhelmed by the negative influences around you. No one around me eats extremely terrible, but not particularly great.... or as great as I want to eat. So when eating out is mexican food or pizza or when breakfast is bacon and eggs, it's hard to keep straight and be good. Like really freaking hard. But that's where an off day comes in handy, in case you need a day to splurge. And if it's not an off day, I just do the best I can. 

-Recognize triggers so that you can understand your cravings and downfalls. If the rest of your family is eating out or eating something that's not part of your diet, maybe it's best to leave. Or make yourself something so good that you won't be tempted to eat something unhealthy. And make sure there's enough so that you can fill yourself to the brim! Cause you can do that with this lifestyle and it's great. 

-Find restaurants that you can eat out at and still stick to your plan. Downtown, this is a little easier but up in the boondocks where we live, it's a little bit more difficult. That said, it is possible. I was suckered into eating out at a mexican restaurant recently because it was a Sunday and we couldn't buy stuff for margaritas (Texas is dumb about that) and our only option was going out to get one. We had to have margaritas you see, it had been a long week. I ended up ordering a nice tortilla soup that my waiter said he could make without chicken and some guacamole salad. Vegan and healthy, score! I was extremely satisfied and I didn't feel like a sack of potatoes afterwards like I usually do when eating mexican! One tip though: I've found that it's easier to avoid the entree section, too many things that could go wrong. I like to look in the appetizers, soup/salad section, or at the sides. Also, talk to your waiter! They're usually pretty lenient about making slight changes to the menu for you and they can help you navigate around things that contain animal products or other things you don't want to eat. 

-Always keep your kitchen stocked with fresh fruit to eat! 

-And last, make it fun and it positive. Look forward to nourishing your body, knowing you are making a difference. 

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