Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kentucky: Part 2

The next house we stayed at (we did a lot of house-hopping) was my mother-in-law's friend Robin. It was the most adorable log cabin you'd ever seen on this huge plot of land in Paducah, KY (I think? I could be wrong). 
IMG_6532 IMG_6534
I'm not a dog person but this guy was the sweetest. 
IMG_6541 copy IMG_6544 (2) IMG_6546
Their backyard. So fun. 
Brandon and I decided to adventure out through the woods one day.
IMG_6553 copy
If you look really closely, you can see a brown blob of a deer at the end of the trail. I wish I would have had my zoom lens because it ran off before I could manage a better picture. 
IMG_6562 IMG_6574 copy
Brandon had just inherited a gun from his uncle (where we stayed the night before) and was pretending to be 007 or something. But no worries, it wasn't loaded. 
IMG_6579 IMG_6588 IMG_6589
About 20 minutes in, we decided to call it quits because we found about 10 ticks crawling up our legs. Mmmmm. 
My Kentucky wear, complete with brand new chucks bought on account of the cold(er) weather. 
One of the most fun parts about our trip was getting to play on this. I ended up getting stuck in the back with the girls on this trip. It was bumpy to say the least. And I probably should have been paying more attention to what was happening than taking pictures because I definitely almost got thrown out a few times. It was worth it though... I think.  
IMG_6609 IMG_6619 IMG_6620 IMG_6625 IMG_6637
What's a vacation without a margarita?
IMG_6647 copy IMG_6650
We managed to escape the kiddos for a little bit and went down to this creek to catch some creepy crawlies. 
I felt 10 years old all over again. 
IMG_6656 IMG_6663
I caught a tadpole with my bare hands! I was pretty proud of myself. 
IMG_6666 IMG_6669 IMG_6676 IMG_6679
And of course, we had to bring our captives back to show off to the girls. But don't worry, we set them free before it got dark. ;)
IMG_5162 copy