Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I Need To Know

For those times when my emotions are too hard to figure out by myself, I turn to Tarot to help me learn more. And it's usually pretty damn accurate. And helpful. I am currently too lazy and exhausted to go get my own deck so I used to randomly draw a card for me. Well two. And they were perfect. 

What Do I Need To Know Right Now? 

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Eight of Swords (Interference): Chagrin at the unforeseen consequences of prior decisions. Criticism, censure, and the imposition of external restrictions. Confusion leading to powerlessness. Inability to focus on the crux of a problem and free oneself from a difficult situation. Being hamstrung by a past failure or humiliation.

A woman is tied and blindfolded within a cage of swords. This is the "damned if you do, damned if you don't," card. The querent is in a situation where they're afraid to move. If they move, they'll get cut. However, the ropes that bind them, the blindfold over their eyes, are their own fears, keeping them still, immobile. And so the longer they stay, the more they constrain and entrap themselves.

Although the limitation of the eights are meant to transform, there are negatives and drawbacks to this. The Eight of Swords is exactly that. It is what happens when you try to put limitations on words or thought. The motivation behind this may be lofty, to not hurt feelings or keep thoughts on divine rather than base matters. But what ends up happening is that either literally (with censorship) or figuratively the querent ends up feeling like they can't say or think anything.

This is a card about second-guessing every word, maybe even worrying about your own thoughts and what they say about you. In real world terms this could indicate extremes of social or legal censorship, fears of being cut down for offending a person or group, fears of being cut down for disagreeing.

This card can also indicate your fears of what others might be saying about you. Fears of gossip, criticism, insults.

Fortitude is the only way to transcend this deadly mix of external and internal limitations. Like the Maiden taking the chance of getting mauled by the Lion, the querent must be prepared to enduring pain and disapproval otherwise they will remain trapped and silenced.

Thus, the card urges you to have the courage to speak up or face down what's being said about you. To move and try to get past the swords. The longer you stay mute and still, the worse it will get.

What Should I Do Next? 

The card represents the critical factor for the issue at hand. Six of Cups (Pleasure): Opening your heart to the simple pleasures of life. Fond memories fuel the playful embrace of love and life. Experiencing the joy of youth and sexual innocence. Engaging in acts of gentle kindness. Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain. Meeting an old friend.

Two children among six flowering cups. There is a great deal of rich and complex symbolism in this card, but in a nutshell, it is a moment of innocent love, the boy and the girl both touching that one cup with the flower in it. He gets joy from giving it to her, and she gets joy in receiving it from him.

This card is most often viewed as nostalgia, of some old friend or thing coming back into our lives and letting us relive a happy moment from our past. The real meaning, however, is "joy," in particular, a known joy. This is the connection we make with someone (or something) who always makes us feel happy. They, in turn, get an equal measure of joy from making us happy.

The joy we get is familiar and reliable. This might be gained by flipping through old photos and remembering happier times, chatting with a beloved family member, meeting with good friends for a drink, indulging in familiar foods, or enjoying the comfort of a favorite pair of slippers.

As with all the sixes, this remarkable moment of happiness cannot last, no more than the children can stay innocent children. This known joy, like a bowl of chicken soup, can make everything right and better for the moment, but the querent should not rely on it as a miracle cure. This card can also warn that the querent is too attached to the "known," and afraid to experience anything new or unknown. They may be too reliant on old habits or too attached to an old lover.

For this moment, however, the reader can tell the querent that this is what they need to restore emotional equilibrium: to connect with someone or something that they know will make them happy.