Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY: Oil Pulling Discs

Since eating more fruit on the daily, my teeth have become way more sensitive. Although I don't want to declare that I am knowledgeable about anything related to dental health, I have my suspicions that it has to do with my increased sugar consumption. Yesterday, I finally decided I had had enough and my immediate thought was that I need to start oil pulling. I've read all over the place about the benefits of oil pulling (you can read some about it here) and have given it a shot once but then my morning routine became too excessive and I gave up. However, I'm giving it another shot! So for ease of use, I made these little coconut oil discs that I can just plop in my mouth every morning. Easy peasy! 
photo 4
I also added 1/3 capsule of activated charcoal to each (teeth whitening power!) and 2 drops of Zendocrine Essential Oil because it was the only oil I could find that had clove oil in it (although they changed the formula and the new one doesn't include it). But clove has a numbing effect and is great for anything mouth related, it is antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Moving on! 
photo 2 (2)
To create the discs, I used a mini, metal muffin pan. I poured 2 tsp of organic coconut oil, 1/3 capsule of activated charcoal, and 2 drops Zendocrine into each muffin opening. My original thought was to grab a plastic ice tray thing but I couldn't find one at the grocery store and then I realized I had a mini muffin pan that would work perfectly. It ended up being better in the end because it's best to avoid putting pure essential oils (especially citrus) in plastic containers. So woo hoo! I store these in the fridge so they don't melt (coconut oil melts at room temperature) and stay in disc form. To use, first thing in the morning we plop them in our mouth (we bite about half off), let them melt, and then swish around for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes is up, we spit it out and brush our teeth. And you're done!
I just started using them and will hopefully recruit my family into using them as well so we'll let ya know how they work! But I'm crossing my fingers that it helps with my teeth sensitivity because it is no bueno.

Some other essential oils that I want to play with are: Myrrh (helps receding gums), Eucalyptus (prevents receding gums), and Lemon (antibacterial). For my next batch I suppose! 

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