Friday, June 13, 2014

Wellness Warrior

I found Wellness Warrior a while back, probably about 6 months ago, and immediately fell in love. I think I stayed up for hours one night and just scrolled through 100's of her blog posts. She has an incredible story and I wanted to share her blog with you guys because she is such an inspiration for me. 

Here are a few of her posts that I randomly bookmarked: 
 On Being Patient
Become a Modern Mystic
Unlocking Your Miracle Magnet
If not the pill than what?
How to tell when you're fertile
7 reasons you don't meditate
 What to do when you can't find the next step
5 tips for coping with criticism
Using a body brush
Dairy Alternatives
One of my mentors, Joseph Zenner, always says that the lesson you are here to teach, the lesson that you want to relay to others, is often the lesson you need to hear the most. Which is funny because even though I saved these pages about 6 months ago, they are still so relevant for me right now. Time to go back and do a little more reading! 
Also, here is a little music to inspire positive thinking: 
Happy Friday you guys! And in case you didn't know, today is not only Friday the 13th but also a full moon! Which hasn't happened in 14 years! And then you can also include mercury retrograde which hasn't happened in like 100 years! So celebrate today! If anything, just celebrate because you can! Life you guys, it's lookin' good. 
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