Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Remember when I told you Mrs. Daisy had puppies? Well here they are, all grown up and prancin' around! 
IMG_6245 IMG_6237
Poor Daisy trying to nurse 10 pups. I can't even imagine. It kind of makes my boobs hurt just thinking about it. 
This is my pup. Her name is Cinderella. Can you guess who's doing that was? 
IMG_6247 IMG_6251 IMG_6258
I mean look at that face. And I do mean the pup's, not mine. *lesigh* I just can't resist. 
Day love me! 
Um can this count as an outfit post? I'm going to go with a yes. Tank is from The Local Branch, really cool people. Sweet new bell bottoms from a resale shop. This is probably the most comfy outfit in my closet right now and will definitely be getting a lot of use this summer. Granted it isn't too hot to pull off these pants. We'll see. 

So anyways, any one in need of a puppy? We have eight up for grabs that need good homes!! 
IMG_5162 copy