Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Getting Fit: 5 Month Update

It's been almost 6 months doing this whole raw till 4 and working out daily thing so I figured I should share some of my results! I was never really overweight, just kind of out of shape and feeling gross. I'm so proud of where I'm at now but I'm still not quite where I want to be, no six pack yet! Anywho, here's some photo evidence for ya. Pardon the post workout/iphone mirror shots, you get the picture. 
15 weeks copy copy
My stomach is obviously the focus point here. Whenever my weight fluctuates, it is usually most prominent in my stomach. I've got some nice ab definition going on and have lost some of that muffin top. Woohoo! My arms are more muscular than they have ever been in my whole life as I'm sure my back is as well.... but I can't exactly see it nor do I make a point to look at it so who knows. And my legs, oh my legs are looking so great. My mamma cellulite is almost completely gone and my butt is faaaabulous. 

So I started this whole thing back in February, you can read about how I eat raw till 4 here. The last few weeks have been a little rough on my diet but I'm working on getting back on track. And as far as giving myself a break, the weekends are kind of a free for all for me. I still don't eat meat but I will have cheese on the weekends because we're usually away from home and I'd rather not stress out about trying to avoid it. Because stress is unhealthy too! 

And I still try to workout on the weekdays. I haven't been doing the workout videos like I used to because of my ankle, they are a little too jumpy for me so I created my own workout routine. I usually workout for about 30 minutes and then do about 15 minutes of yoga/stretching afterwards. However, in the next week I will start a bike training program because in August I will be riding a 60 mile race with my dad! Am I crazy or what? So that should be fun, I'm really excited about getting back into bike riding again. I've done a little training with one of my dad's bikes (I'm getting mine on Friday!!) and was reminded how much I love being on a bike!  Yay. 

I'll talk more about my diet/things I eat in another post but I just wanted to squeeze in an update and motivate myself to get back on the ball again. It's funny because the worse I eat, the less I want to workout. It's a terrible cycle that you just gotta push through I guess! My next week, I really need to work on detoxing. Here we gooooo!

IMG_5162 copy