Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 Dreams

I think it's about time for a mid year checkup. Back in February I wrote out my goals for 2014. Um, in the last few months I've fallen out of my groove. And as I am working my way back into it, I am re-evaluating some of my goals and figuring out what my new dreams are. Not that they have changed all that much but maybe I'm just taking a different approach? 

2014 dreams copy

So instead of goals, I'm going to call them dreams. Because that seems less serious and something I can attain. I'm good at making my dreams come true. Goals? That sounds scary. 

Here are my goals for the next 6 months of 2014: 
- Finish Tiny Home 
- Move to the Pharmm and be with my hippy family 
- Get back on my feet and start loving myself and my life as completely as I can 
- Complete my training and tackle my 60 mile bike ride (oh boy!) 
- Complete the transition of my business and start earning some mullah 
- Expand Sam Wish from just an online store to a product found in stores near you! 
- Share my blog more, let it flourish once again! 
- Make an effort to be more of an online presence 
- Get the Sam Wish name more out there! And get my online sales back to where they used to be
-Complete a 2 week, totally raw cleanse 
- Get out and camp 3 times (gone once already!) 
- Travel to 2 new places 
- Learn a new skill (crochet? or poi?)
- Become financially independent 
- Complete Amazing Biz & Life Academy courses 
-Visit friend in Chicago 
-Visit friend in Los Angeles 
- Make plans to visit family in Japan 
- Start planning/creating a studio space 
- Grow another garden 
-Share oils more, have an oil party?!
- Dance in the rain 
- Get a tattoo 
-Publish Ecourse and Ebook 

Trying to keep it short. There is so much else I want to do this year but I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself. I have a tendency to do that and then completely overwhelm myself. So here's to taking it slow and making the best of the rest of 2014! 
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