Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Louisiana Part 2

After New Orleans, we went to a town called New Iberia to see my cousin graduate. Although Eliza and I ended up staying at my cousin's house, my mom and step-dad stayed at the most adorable bed and breakfast. 
IMG_5740 IMG_5741 IMG_5742 IMG_5744
We loved the garden. I want. 
Here's the town! There's not much too it, as you can see. 
IMG_5760 copy
I tasted my first White Russian. To dull my excruciating boredom. 
On Mother's Day (after my breakfast in bed courtesy of Eliza), we had a big family brunch at quite possibly the only good place to eat around town! And I had this- Etoufee stuffed inside a puff pastry, probably the best thing I ate all week. Those Cajuns know how it's done. 
IMG_5775 copy IMG_5780 IMG_5789
Sneaking taffy and getting scratchy grandpa kisses. 
IMG_5804 IMG_5810
This is where Eliza got to sleep, she got her own little bed right next to the window! 
My mom took me out for a little Mother's Day shopping. That was about the most exciting thing we could do here. 
IMG_5817 IMG_5824
Doesn't she look so long in this picture? Where did my baby go? 
Oh and we managed to find some fro-yo. 
IMG_5833 copy IMG_5837 copy IMG_5841 IMG_5842
And a park. Parks are always a good choice. 
IMG_5843 IMG_5844 IMG_5852
So you know, when you're at a park, you have to feed the ducks! All we had was dog food but they loved it. Even that ugly black one to the left tried to get in on the action but was quickly run off by the head matriarch of the group to the right. Girl powa
IMG_5858 IMG_5868 copy IMG_5872
Gardenias. Because if I had to choose a favorite flower, this would be it. It smelled so yummy.
IMG_5880 copy
And then we attended my cousin's graduation. It was so bizarre to me. Her class was a total of..... wait for it................... 83 people!! They held it in a small church (she goes to a Catholic school) and everyone, including the families of all 83 graduates managed to squeeze in there. I just couldn't get over it. My class had like 800 people and was held in one of Houston's biggest stadiums. I'm telling you, this little town was a completely different world.
And one more grandpa pic. I made sure to take a lot of pictures this time because you never know when will be the last opportunity. Plus, I wanted to make sure Eliza will remember him whenever she grows up. And if her memory fails her, at least I will have a million pictures to remind her. 

By the time the last day rolled around, I was ready to go home. It's a nice place just... you know.... not my kind of place. Sometimes traveling opens your eyes to new amazing places that make you want to go back at least a million times but sometimes it makes you appreciate where you come from. Houston is my town. And I keep loving it more every day. 

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