Monday, May 19, 2014

Louisiana Part 1

This past week, Eliza and I tagged along with my mom and step dad to go to Louisiana for Mother's Day. They literally bought a new car the day before so we had quite an adventure breaking it in and trying to figure out all it's fancy gadgets. As you can tell, Eliza had a blast because it came with not one but two built in tv's. 
IMG_5661 IMG_5662 IMG_5664
We made a pit stop in Lake Charles to let Ms. Daisy out. Funny story but remember Daisy? Well my mom kind of dog-napped her because the neighbor's weren't taking care of her and she got pregnant again and was covered with fleas and ticks and when we had our moving scare, we were worried that she would have no one to love her like we Eliza does. And so my mom adopted her. And we took her on our trip. 
Can you tell she's pregnant? *birth is imminent!* 
IMG_5672 IMG_5674 IMG_5678
The gator pond with no gators. Whaaaaaaaat a rip off! 
IMG_5679 IMG_5682 IMG_5687
Daisy loves the car but my mom and Eliza just couldn't leave her in the back all by her lonesome. So they climbed back there and ended up falling asleep.... not daisy though, she's very into sight seeing. 
Post-nap hair. 
So we got to New Orleans and hung around town for a few days, mostly at my grandparent's house.
We made some big play-do messes...
Tended to our mamma dog...
Ate some delicious food (I had to go non-vegan for a few days, it was so worth it)...
Kept my grandpa company (that was slightly emotionally traumatic but that's for another post)...
IMG_5724 IMG_5728
And ended it with a little New Orleans thrift shoppin! 
IMG_5733 IMG_5735

We spent most of the time at my grandparent's house and I didn't have a car to go anywhere so it wasn't quite as exciting as I was hoping it would be but it's all good, I'm glad I got to go see my grandpa. Plus the delicious food almost makes up for our lack of activity. However, next time, I'm driving. 

IMG_5162 copy