Friday, May 9, 2014

Birthday Numero 23

I realize how little pictures I actually have from my birthday.... woops? Well anyways, here are a few from the beginning of our day. It was probably for the best anyways, considering where my night was going. 

This was my little setup at the Houston Remarket. Got my juice (breakfast), margarita (lunch), and my henna. 
IMG_5351 copy IMG_5356 IMG_5358 IMG_5359 IMG_5368 IMG_5370
My henna
IMG_5372 copy IMG_5388 copy
The last henna I did of the day, it turned out so good. 

After the Remarket ended, around 4, we hurried home to change and then went out to eat with my brother and sister. We went to Pappadeaux, it's kind of our special occasion place, and had our friend wait on us which was the boooomb. He kept bringing us out free food! I didn't even make it to our main meal ya'll and dessert was definitely out of the question. I don't even know what happened to it. 

And then we went out with some friends to see some drag queens do their thannnng. I won't go into what happened next (what happens on your birthday, stays on your birthday) but it was a successful night (: 

The next day we headed over to my Mom's to celebrate with her. My good friend, Dillan came over too. 
IMG_5402 IMG_5398
My step dad picked out these wines for me and I had to take a picture so I didn't forget them! I'm not usually a white wine kinda gal but these were delish. I'm quite impressed with him, he knows me better than I thought!
And cake, finally one I could eat! Can you tell who decorated it? 

Ahhh, 23 and it feels so good. It's kind of funny because I've actually been calling myself 23 since Brandon turned 23 back in December and about two weeks ago, I had a brain fart and started to think I was actually turning 24! Holy cow, I had a mini panic attack guys. I'm obviously not ready to be 24 but I quickly realized I was only 22 turning 23 and calmed down immediately. Pheww! 

Here's to another awesome year, bring it on 23! Yahoo!

IMG_5162 copy