Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vegan Eats in Austin

Since my last post about going (almost) raw, I've officially gone vegan. Traveling to Austin was very exciting because if there's anywhere you can easily eat out and get vegan food, it's Austin! With the exception of one day (hangover nursing=need cooked food during the day, plus I made an exception for my favorite stuffed avocados that had cheese already in them) I did pretty dang good with this new diet of mine. Here are a few of the places I ate at: 


So I know this is a chain but I'm sharing it anyways. They really only had one vegan option and I got it! But boy was it good. What can I say, I'm a sucker for some good tex-mex. 

Conscious Cravings 

Holyyyyy cow, I'm obsessed with this little food truck! So much, I actually ate there twice. Also, it was the closest vegan option to where my market was so it was pretty convenient. Anyways, I highly recommend the Quinoa Salad and Spicy Chickpea Wrap, mmm mmm goood. 

Mother's Cafe & Garden
And this place. Ohhhh my, this place. I got the artichoke enchiladas and I just.... It was just.... Oh it was so good. I love the insane amount of yummy vegan options they have. I would say about 40% of their menu was already vegan and about 90% of their menu could be made vegan upon request. So awesome. I can't wait to go back and try out everything else! 

For breakfast, I would have a smoothie every morning and for lunch, I brought along a large store bought juices (my brand of choice is Naked) and then a whole fruit or two (pears and bananas are great). Pretty easy if I do say so myself. Oh and plus water, lots and lots of water!
Gosh, it felt like I ate out more than that but I guess I was only there for a few days and during the day I ate raw! So there ya have it folks. I seriously can't wait to go back and discover what else Austin has to offer me in the vegan department!
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