Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Disney World: Epcot

The second day (and the beginning of the third), we hopped over to Epcot for a little bit. Mostly just to see all the characters and eat some decent food (surprisingly enough, Disney food is not the greatest. Oh well, you win some, you lose some...). 
IMG_4484 IMG_4481
We started trading pins thanks to a friend's advice! This was probably the best souvenir we could have invested in. They're small (perfect for us future tiny-homers) and it's a fun activity to do the whole trip. Thoughts for next time though- buy some cheaper ones online and trade for good ones! Pins at Disney World are ridiculously pricey. 
My mom, sister, Eliza, and Belle. 
IMG_4495 IMG_4502 copy
IMG_4503 IMG_4506 IMG_4511
Alice (and Brandon being the cheshire cat)
IMG_4513 IMG_4516 copy
Mary Poppins
My brother trying on a sweet kimono. 
Boat rides we took between parks...

And one of my favorite parts in Disney World. So in Epcot, in the Land building, they have a little boat ride that is called Living With The Land. You go through several areas where they show the different environmental regions and then you get a mini tour of their 4 greenhouses/research facilities where they experiment with all kinds of crazy awesome hydroponics. I was floored. And we rode it four times. IMG_4597
A sweet potato canopy (yes, they grow sweet potatoes up there!)
Salad bar
Tomato tree
Vertically grown cucumbers
IMG_4604 copy
These awesome floating planters. They revolve around and move on the little track you see above. 
Water drips down into the gravel below where they have other plants growing and it gets cycled back up. 
And this was probably the coolest one of all, they had floating brussel sprout plants that revolve around in a circle. Half the time, they travel through that little trench type area you see to the very right and the roots get sprayed! Incredible. 

Remember my experiments with hydroponics? I can't wait to start back up again once our tiny home is ready! 

So that was our Epcot adventure! I started taking less pictures at this point because I was too busy enjoying myself but I made sure to get the important stuff. 
IMG_5162 copy