Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tiny Home Building, Instagram Update: Week 16-24

Good golly gosh, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well folks, here's what's been going on (in instagram pictures) with the tiny home in the last, oh 8 weeks. It hasn't been too productive because of the holidays and all but we still managed to get quite a bit done on this little home of ours....
felt very beginningsfelt beginnings
Week 16- We put up the last long sheets of felt. 
first windowfelt
And put in our first window! 
loft windowboth living room windows
Then we moved to the other end and put in two more during week 17
doorloft beginnings
As well as our door (eeeee!) and then we started working on the loft. I just couldn't help myself! Now that we had a door, it was really starting to feel like home and I couldn't help but want to be able to sleep in it.
crafty loftbed and driving
We got the floors in, some insulation, and a little space heater so we could at least do some crafts up there. We skipped week 18 (too much holiday work to keep up with) but then during week 19, I sewed us up a mattress (I made a king for $0!!). This is us trying to drive from my dad's (where I made the mattress) to our house an hour away... with all of our bedding and more. Stuffed to say the least. And then.... 
first night in tiny homenew years
We spent our first night in the tiny home! Lucky me, it was right before Christmas too. That was kind of like the only thing I wanted this year (: The second picture was from New Years. After a toast at midnight with my mother in law, we returned back to the tiny home to talk about our dreams and then fell asleep. It was magical. My mother in law also got us a heating blanket which has been amazing during the 20 degree nights. 
radio show 2radio show
Rewind a bit to week 18, when we hosted The Ridiculous Hour. That's always fun.
And then again, during week 19, we put up a clothes rack and fixed up our bed area. I love it. 
living room kitchen
Trying to make our house livable. Our living room and kitchen (aka fruit basket.... I'm trying to go raw)
rugsleeping baby
The work station I set up during week 19 and the siding we got off craigslist during week 22. Week 20 and 21, we were at Disney World!!!!
tiny home frozenwindow opening
We had a freeze during week 23, that was fun. And then during week 24, we finally got back to work and put up another window! 
half circle windowwindow
We kind of did this window backwards, I mean in the steps we took to do it.... but ah well. Live and learn, right? I'm pretty excited about having a new window! Plus bees kept flying through the gaps in the felt where the hole was and dying in our tiny home. So sad. 

Oi, so it's been a while. And I'm so ready to get back into the groove of working on the tiny home again! It's kind of a pain in the winter though, we have to carefully schedule our workdays around days when it freezes. But that's life. I'm just happy to be able to work on it at all. We only have 1 large and 1 small window to put in before we can start putting up the siding and be COMPLETELY finished with the outside! Yesssss! I can't wait to start really working on the inside. I'm excited about a kitchen and a bathroom! Oh gosh, a bathroom would be so great. I'm not going to lie, popping a squat in the middle of the night, in the cold, is not ideal. But sometimes you just gotta goo, you know? 

Anyways, we are pretty much permanently living up here. No more traveling every week to my dad's! We've got almost all of our clothes here (split in between my mother in law's house next door and the tiny home) and my store all here. We still have to use my mother in law's kitchen, bathroom, and house when it's cold (because we don't have a big heater yet) but I'm just happy to have a place to go at night that I can call my own. I love our little loft. Waking up next to my loves, in our own home, is quite possibly the best thing ever. I love it (: 
IMG_5162 copy