Friday, January 3, 2014

December In A Nutshell

December has been a whirlwind! Between finishing school, working my butt off, and all the family and friends in town, we've hardly had any time to rest! But it's all good, you can rest when you're dead right ;) 

We started off the month with the Renaissance festival. It was the last day and Brandon's birthday as well! So we dressed up and spent the day wandering around with a friend we ran into. The rest of the month was all about finishing school and squeezing in as much work in as possible before the holiday season ended.

And you know, we did good this holiday season. Really.  I was stressing myself out to make more products and have more stuff ready but... I just didn't have the time and I'm glad I didn't half-ass anything because that's not what I'm about. For what we had and for being in the beginning of this crazy transition, we did good. I'm proud of us.

And now, I'm taking a break.... Have you noticed? After our last show, I scrambled to get together some Christmas presents and pulled it off somehow (although Brandon and I didn't even exchange gifts, it was just too much). By Christmas, I was done. With everything. No blogging, no school, no work, no tiny home building. Just having fun and relaxing and seeing all my family and friends that I don't get to see during the year! It's been great. We spent Christmas at my mom's, spent the day traveling around to visit all the grandparents, and then ended up at my dad's house for a Christmas night feast and then went to a bar and finally met my sister's new boyfriend (and I totally approve, way to go Heather!). Then Brandon's sister and family came in from Arizona and we have been spending the rest of the break with them. This will actually be the last time we see them for a while (possibly a year or two) because they are moving to JAPAN!!! Crazy. So we have been hanging out with them as much as possible. Let's see, we also made a mini trip to Austin (just for a night) for one of our good friend's birthday and saw so many people we haven't seen in yearssss. Then we spent New Years hopping around and finally coming back home for a quick champagne at 12:00, some dreaming of what the new year will bring, and passed out in our tiny home. 

Today I got caught up with laundry and some work. We took all the kids out to see a movie and we're about to have a nice, home cooked meal which I'm looking forward to! Good, wholesome meals have been scarce around here and my body is starting to hate me for all the terrible things I've been putting in it! After all this craziness, I think I'm going to do a raw food cleanse. For real. My body needs it.

We have one more day to relax and then we hit the road! We're going to New Orleans for a night to visit my grandparents and then driving to Florida to go toooooo DISNEY WORLDDD!!! 

That was our present from my mom this year and we are stoked to say the least. We'll be gone until Jan 12th so I'll be away for a while. I've been enjoying this time without much to do though. Honestly, I don't even know how I did the last six months and came out somewhat sane? 

Well I hope you guys had a great holiday! Welcome to 2014, I'll be back in a few weeks to share all of our adventures! 

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