Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013: Year In Review

*Warning: super long post*
In hopes of organizing this in a readable manner, I'm just going to put everything in bullets for each month. But you know, I think this post is more for me than anything. I can't wait to look back on the trials of the last year so that I can regroup and move on into the amazing-ness that 2014 will hold! So without further ado, here it is, 2013 in review: 
You can see our recap of 2012 here.

-In January, Eliza and I started living partially at my dad's house to escape the infestation of roaches at our apartment. It was kind of hard since Brandon stayed at the apartment but honestly, I think Brandon and I both benefited from the time apart. 
-I did our last home tour before we moved out for good: bedroom, kitchen, living room
-I released Sam Wish's Night Foxx Lookbook which turned out awesome and taught me how to push my boundaries and think outside my comfort zone. 
- I started school again, volunteered once at a local organic farm, went to the beach, and looked forward to moving out of our apartment and Brandon quitting his job!
- I wrote out my 2013 goals
-Annnnd we took a family camping trip which was amazing and just what we needed to start out the New Year right! 
IMG_3837 copy
- In February, I shared my latest obsession with essential oils which started a huge change in our lives, one bigger than I ever could have anticipated! 
- I shared little bits of our space at my dad's house
-Brandon finally quit his slave job at UPS
- I talked about officially moving out of our apartment and the changes that come with it. This was a pretty big shift for us, one for the better though. Since Brandon quit his job and we were moving back in with my Dad, we would have a lot more time and opportunities to do the things we really wanted to do! This opened up a lot of doors for us I think and lead us to where we are now. It's crazy to think that this was exactly where we needed to be then and how so much good change has happened since then!
-I also started our first real garden, it was great! 
-Brandon wrote his first book post on this blog. 
-With all the spare time we now had, I started working hard on Sam Wish. Brandon started helping me and I booked every weekend full of shows and markets! 
-I closed out this month with the premier of probably my favorite photoshoot to date- Rose Garden
IMG_5369 copy
- My second post about oils and blends you can use for your health. 
- My first post about my tiny home dream, just dreamin'
- I started my Samwish series, which I haven't done in a while.... hmmm maybe when we have our own house again!  
- I shared a book report of one of my favorite books- Radical Homemakers, definitely a big influence on the decisions we made later on to live more sustainably
- We attempted to build a garden at my mother-in-laws, spent a lot of time together, and made a lot of things. 
- My step-brother died, it still brings me tears to read this post. Death is so surreal, it still feels like yesterday but like a dream too.
- I canned some jalapenos (I was so proud) for the first time!
-I also did a post on my tips for minimizing! Since we were moving from a 700 sf apartment to a bedroom, this is something we took mighty seriously. 
-We went camping with friends for spring break. 
-I talked about my view of Brandon and I's relationship and how it came to be
- I got overwhelmed and turned inwards, the start of figuring out where I needed to be in life. I really credit the death of my step-brother for the amazing things we have been doing lately. His death really shook me up but I think that's what I needed. It made us take a long hard look at our lives to decide what was most important for us and gave us the courage to reach for our dreams. It made us realize that you only get one life to live and we didn't want to waste any of the time we have. 
- We had an adventure at one of our favorite parks, this day actually started out terribly but ended up being really good. 
-I shared about losing interest in clothes, and becoming intrigued by essential oils! I wrote that I could feel a change coming on but didn't quite know what it was yet. So funny and ironic to read this now that I am on the other side.
-And I dabbled in bread-making, something I miss dearly. Hopefully when the tiny home is built, this is something I will have time to do again!  

IMG_6090 copy
-I did a garden update, lookin' good! 
-I did my first solo photoshoot
- I talked about going with the flow, learning to be more present, and let my future unfold instead of trying to force it. 
- I shared how I do accounting for Sam Wish
- We had Easter at my mom's 
-Some Youtube entertainment 
-I created what is now one of my favorite top/dress/things
-I shared my experience at essential oil classes and the pharmm, I wouldn't be where I am without this 
-I declared that I was growing out my armpit hair
-I turned 22, thought about buying a house, Brandon started producing his first radio show, and I started dabbling in henna! 
-Oh, and we made seed bombs!

IMG_6486 copy
-I got inspired
-We discovered Bravado Spice (funny because a majority of my family got sauce for Christmas!)
-I posted pictures from my 22nd birthday
-I started learning about the power that your thoughts/mind can have on everything from your body and diseases within it as well as the outcomes in your life 
-During this month I did finals and finished up school for the semester so I had a serious lack of posting
- I start a new morning routine, get to take a break from school and work, and begin our summer
-My step-sister gets married and we spend some time adventuring around New Orleans
-We finally announced that we are officially building a tiny home on wheels!
-I wrote about a healing book that has been really helpful for us called- You Can Heal Your Life
-I posted pictures of the bedroom we have been living out of at my dad's
-We posted about all the awesome, crafty people we have met around Houston
-We visited the beach 
-Another garden update and harvest
-I got my tarot read
-And Eliza got her first haircut
- We traveled to Arizona to see some family and made a pit stop at Big Bear to visit a friend
- We started planning the tiny home and I spent hours and hours researching. There was even a day that I spent 13 hours drawing up plans for the building layout. It takes a lot of planning ya'll! 
-I did a Craft It Forward  
- I listed my first body care products in the store- Lip balmmmmms
-We bought our trailer for the tiny home
-Brandon wrote another post about some books he read
-I shared the sketch-up of our tiny home
-We visited the butterfly museum
-Annnd Eliza turned four!!! 
-A little tiny home inspiration
-We started building! Week one, and week two
- I talked about what freedom means to me
- We set up a booth at the Seabrook Music Festival 
- I thoroughly enjoyed hatch chile season 
- I wrote about the specs on building our tiny home floor/foundation
- And I started my last semester of school! 
IMG_9569 copy
IMG_0404 copy
-We had an open mic/benefit for our tiny home
- We spent the weekend at the beach with friends, started homeschooling, we started rebranding the store and making more body products, and I destroyed my finger with a hammer! Ouch!
-Some more tiny home inspiration
-Brandon and I saw the Book of Mormon
-More tiny home building: week 3, week 4, week 5
-I started cleaning up my act by eating better, exercising, and doing yogaaa
-I wrote about what blogging means to me
- We had a duck feeding date with Eliza's best (only) friend
- I did an update on my 2013 goals. A lot has changed since the beginning of the year! 
- I experimented with manifesting, results here
- After a rough (money-wise) summer, I started tackling my money issues for a more permanent solution
- Tiny home inspiration numero 3, 4, and 5!  And building: week 6, week 7, week 8
-Brandon talks about his radio show stufffff
- I started a newsletter for Sam Wish and shared some tips on pricing products!
-And of course, we celebrated Halloween

-Tiny home building week 9, 10, 11, week 12 and 13
- Oh and we found puppies under my  mother-in-law's house! So in love!
-We hosted my favorite radio show- The Ridiculous Hour in the tiny home
-After months of bees buzzing round while building, I finally got stung. But never fear! I've got oils for that (: 
- Tiny home inspiration, and some DIY ideas
- I wrote about my path to minimalism. Basically how we've come to this point in our lives. 
- I finally wrote a post about all the incredible and inspiring documentaries we've been watching, there are some good ones in there!   
- And I wrote about how the support and errr, lack of support has been affecting us on our journey

-Brandon turned 23!! 
-We visited the Renaissance festival and had one of our best shows of the year
- We listed a few winter products for Sam Wish
- I wrote about how I desperately needed to slow down and have patience, not just for me but for Eliza and Brandon too. 
- I shared how I joined the Amazing Biz & Life Academy and how sweet it is!! One of the best tools for an entrepreneur that I've come across
- Brandon and I were on the news!!!!
-Tiny home building week 14 & 15,
- I finished school
-Brandon did a fun little shoot for a local market
-I listed some cute little gift sets for Sam Wish
-We celebrated Christmas and spent the rest of our time with friends and family
Gosh, so many changes in 2013. It was almost as if the year was divided into two separate parts.
In the first six months we started learning more about health (not just for the body but also the mind!) which made me lean more and more away from clothes, Brandon quit his time consuming job, we moved from our apartment to my dad's, my step-brother died and forced us to take a hard look at our lives, we returned to nature for some much needed retreat time, I started learning how to be more present and going with the flow, Brandon became a radio producer and helping me with the store, and we ultimately decided to jump-start our future by building ourselves a tiny home on wheels! The whole time it seems that we were evaluating our lives and making small changes to evolve into what we are now. It's crazy to see all the little parts that led to the whole. 
The last six months we started working really hard on our dreams. Now that we had kind of figured out a path we wanted to be on, we drew up plans and put them in motion! We started planning and building the tiny home and are about 60% finished! We started evolving my store into our store that is more focused on health and body care instead of artificial ideas of appearance and beauty (is that too harsh?). And now, I get to create everything in my store that is on par with the high standards I believe every soul deserves (ie all-natural and organic whenever possible). Oh and I finished school! So now I can dedicate all my time in the future to my family, our tiny home, and my work! One less thing on my plate and I'm pretty excited about that. Plus, our tiny home is sleepable (yes, I just made that word up), so we no longer have to drive back and forth from my Dad's house to my mother-in-law's house. Which is an hour and 20 minute drive at the least. And we did that at a minimum of once every week. For 6 months..... I just can't even believe we did that..... Well anyways, we do not have to do that anymore! So from here on out, we'll just be able to stay and work on the tiny home, adjust to living super minimally in this shell of a house we have, and create things for Sam Wish.

So, some pretty serious changes and growth in 2013. It was rough but also so, so liberating. I can't say that I regret any of it!  

So bring it on, 2014! I have really good feelings about this year. I think it's going to bring many good things for us and I really, can not wait to see what unfolds (: 
Happy New Years Ya'll! 
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