Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 14 & 15

Gosh, things sure are slowing down in the tiny home department! With all of Brandon's radio shows and the holiday season and the end of my school semester, the tiny home project has more or less been put on hold! But now that I'm out of school and Christmas is nearing, I'm trying to get back on track so that it can be kind of, almost habitable by Christmas (the only thing I really want this year)!

Here is what we managed to accomplish during weeks 14:

We finished spraying the house with borate, and started sealing the gaps in the frieze boards. To do this, I spray foamed in all of the little gaps, waited for it to dry and trimmed away the excess, and then taped over the entire section with some Grace Vycor sticky flashing.
You can see Brandon cutting away the excess foam above, and right below is the finished taping. 
I'll get into this more later but I did a lot of research on how to construct walls and the air/vapor barrier components. Ultimately, I decided to go with felt paper as the moisture barrier because of the humid region we live in. And for the air barrier, I wanted to use what we had- the plywood. But to do this, you have to seal the gaps where air can get through so we used the Grace Vycor sticky flashing to do this. 
After we sealed all the gaps and created our air barrier, we attached hurricane ties to give the walls some extra protection. I'll go more into detail later with this as well but here are a few pics to show how we used them
IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1748 copy
I created some boxed areas over the wheel wells...
This is what the other side looks like, kind of an unfinished mess right now.
And here is how we worked around the awkward space near the hitch where there is this rail.. Where the plywood meets the trailer, it sits on a few flat plates and I didn't want those plates to collect water that could possibly run into the plywood or frame and start to rot it out. So here is what I did: I took a piece of 2x2 and screwed it to the bottom of the plywood, on top of the flat plates. Then I took some left over drip edge, bent it out a little, and put it right on top of the 2x2. So it reached from the top of the 2x2, against the plywood, to the just over the flat plates kind of like a bridge for the water to cross over and away from the bottom of the plywood. Then I caulked and foamed and caulked some more until I was sure there was no water getting up, underneath, or to the wood. And then I taped the top seam of the drip shield where it met the plywood. BAM! I'm a genius. 
The last major exciting thing we did was finish cutting out three more windows. Yay windows!!
So here is what it looks like with more windows and partially sealed up with vycor tape. 

Oh and have I mentioned the bees? Seriously guys, bees love us. I really think it's the oils but they are always buzzing somewhere near by. I had the misfortune of getting stung by one on accident and um, it wasn't the greatest experience ever. To tell you the truth, it kind of freaked me out but Brandon! Man, he's like the bee king! When they get trapped inside the house (which happens often), I'll send Brandon in and this guy will come out with them all on his fingertips! It's crazy. And awesome. And ridiculous. And it freaks me out. 
I don't know, maybe they have a six sense about people but when it comes to Brandon all he has to do is stick out his finger and they just hop on for a ride! 
Some day when we have a beehive of our own, he will be the one stealing their honey. Just saying. 

And week 15 was Thanksgiving week sooo not much work got done except that Eliza and I put up one row of felt. Which is very difficult by the way to do by yourself and a 4 year old. Very difficult indeed. 

In other news, I have just finished with all my finals and am looking forward to driving back and forth A LOT less. Guys, for 6 months we have been traveling from North Houston for half of the week to South Houston for the other half of the week which is an hour and 15 minute (minimum) drive! Craziness. So for Christmas, what I would really like is to be able to sleep in this tiny home we've been working so hard on and to start having some kind of normalcy in this crazy life of ours. It's been great and we've learned a lot but I'm so ready to just be still for a little bit. And that can only happen if it's in the tiny home. That's where I need to be and I can't stop until I'm there. But all in time! I've been working on our little loft and we'll just have to see what happens. 
*crossing my fingers* 

Hope you guys have a lovely hump day. I can't believe Christmas is only 15 days away!!! 
IMG_5162 copy