Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Hosts- The Ridiculous Hour

A few weeks ago, we had the honor of hosting The Ridiculous Hour inside of our tiny home! Brandon has been producing this radio show for a little while and it was so fun to have them come out and broadcast from the tiny home. It's kind of funny because the few weeks before, we had been making our way through all the archives (so. much. information.) while building. So when they came, it was like a little blessing for our home! Beautiful. 

Anyways, Eliza and I snuck in to listen and snap a few pictures.... until she got bored. You'll see what I mean. 
IMG_1360 IMG_1369 IMG_1364 IMG_1362 IMG_1382 IMG_1366 IMG_1361 IMG_1372 IMG_1375 IMG_1378 IMG_1380 IMG_1389 IMG_1387 IMG_1386

If you guys are interested in listening to what went down this day, here's the link- The Ridiculous Hour with Cody Adams and Juan Moncayo of 3 Birds & A Stone

Warning: It get's a little hippy and controversial all up in there. If you're down for that, awesome. But don't tell me I didn't warn you! 

IMG_5162 copy