Monday, November 11, 2013

The True Cost

I was going to write a post about something else... and then I saw this video. 

This is something I'm passionate about on so many different levels and one of the reasons I sold vintage/upcycled clothes for so long. Fashion, whether you like it or not, affects all of us. Every time you buy a garment, you are affecting the fashion industry, the people that make these clothes, and the environment. And whether you like it or not, your choice has an impact. 

I wanted to prompt people to use their power, especially with the holiday season coming up, to make a positive impact. Buy fair trade, vintage, local, organic. Something besides from these careless companies that's only concern is making a profit. Protect these people that risk their lives producing this fast fashion, protect the earth and it's precious resources. 

So please, please, please don't run out to the nearest Mall, Wal-Mart, Target, Forever 21, or whatever other department store this Christmas. Christmas is about caring and giving, so really put some care and thought into your gifts this year! 

If you can't afford to buy organic and/or fair trade, hit the thrift stores or make something! There are also tons of craft shows and markets this time of year where you can pick up something special and handmade. But I think we all agree that these cheap clothes that you'll only wear for 6 months are not worth someones life. And you know, this can be said about many, many things that are produced in the same way. Pretty much anything you buy! Speaking of which, have you heard about Urban Outfitters stealing designs from independent artists? They also own Free People and Anthropologie.....

So please, you have the power. Make the right choice. I know it's not an easy one but every choice you make, makes a difference. Support and pass the wealth on to someone rather than a huge inconsiderate company that doesn't care about you, the earth, or the people that work for them. Put your money towards something you believe in, something good this Christmas.

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