Monday, October 21, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 7

Gosh, I'm getting behind on these posts! We're coming up on week 10 so I gotta play some catch up! Here is week 7 of our tiny home building: 

(these two are from instagram so please excuse the poor quality)
This week we listened to a lot of Ridiculous Hour while we built and Brandon wrote inspiring messages all over our walls. 
Homeschooling in the tiny home. 
During week 7, we put up Eliza's first loft wall! 
IMG_0736 IMG_0739
At some point, she had snuck inside, curled up in Nana's bed, and fell asleep! So sweet
IMG_0742 IMG_0745
Then we put up the adjacent wall and the posts for Eliza's loft.

Looking at these pictures, I'm so glad we're finally done building walls. It was definitely the most time consuming and difficult part and we're done with it now (I feel like I'm speaking from the future but this post is 3 weeks behind)! *sigh* I'm so grateful guys. Seriously, this is going to be my house?! 

I. Can't. Wait. I can't even tell you how gratifying it is to build my own house. Why don't people do this more often?!!

IMG_5162 copy