Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Things I've learned About Gardening

I'm so sad I won't be doing a fall garden this season. I started doing the research and then just got so overwhelmed. I'm just too darn busy right not to even worry about gardening! The holiday season is starting up and I'm trying to put a lot of time in Sam Wish to kind of get the ball rolling again. Plus I've got the home building and school! Hopefully though, this will be my last semester (I'm getting my associates, finally!) so I'll get a nice break when the beginning of December rolls around. And by then, the tiny home should be getting pretty close to being done. Currently it's raining and the tiny home is getting soaked.... again. I love the rain but man, it's quite worrysome when we haven't been able to get up the moisture barrier to protect it from the water! *Deep breath* In time, in time. 

Anyways! I wanted to share a few things I learned about gardening during the spring! It was my first real attempt at gardening and I think I learned quite a lot. Probably all the mistakes of an amateur but hey, at least I'm learning right? 

What I learned: 
-Plan better around climbing plants 
-Plan better around plants that are going to get really tall! 
-I'm terrible at watering, soooo automatic watering systems rock 
-Be careful with plants in pots or shallow containers, especially terra cotta- it's hot here 
-With the heat in mind, the closer to the ground the plants are the better! They retain moisture better. 
-Remove leaves on the plant close to the ground, it gives plant more energy to devote to fruit and helps keeping away diseases 
-Use companion plants like in these articles: 123
-Start tomato and pepper seeds during christmas
-Don't plant seeds right before it rains, duh
-Don't use treated wood in beds!! I should have known better, really
-Plants love worm castings, like a lot
-If a plant gets some kind of disease, act quick or else!!
-And follow the manuals, if it says growing brussel sprouts in the spring is a bad idea, it probably is

That's all I can remember right now.... Do you do gardening? Have any hot gardening tips for me?? 

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