Saturday, October 5, 2013

7 Day Manifestation Experiment

Do you guys believe in manifestation? I think I do... but I've decided to do a 7 day experiment to find out for sure. 

 I am in need of some money because let's be real, I'm brokeSo I'm using these two videos to manifest some abundance into my life.

Here are my three goals: 
1. Earn $300 in the next 7 days
2. Make over 3 online sales
3. Share (aka sell) some oils this week

So for the next 7 days for 2-3 minutes I'm going to visualize these three goals happening. I'm going to feel what it's going to be like when I receive them and I'm going to send out the energy that I already have those things. 

And when I receive those things, I'm going to "acknowledge myself as a deliberate creator" and post them here on the blog. 

And here is my law of attraction exercise- the focus wheel. 

I want: $300 

1. I love money coming in 
2. In the past, I've had lots of money
3. I love the feeling of money
4. I love having money to share
5. I love the feeling of giving money
6. I love the feeling of buying things for others
7. I love having financial freedom
8. I love being able to pay my bills
9. I love being able to buy supplies for creating
10. I love buying myself gifts every now and then
11. I love being able to fund our tiny home dream
12. I love being able to spend time with my family without having to worry about money and working

I love having $300

And now for some truth because I've been in denial long enough
Summer has been really slow. And I think during that time I built up some really bad thought patterns and guilt towards money because... well it hasn't been coming to me! To be completely honest, I haven't payed myself more than $100/month for the last 4 months, sometimes I don't even bother paying myself. Granted, I haven't had the time I would like to spend working but most of the money I have been able to make, I've had to pour back into the business to afford supplies and pay the bills/fees to run the dang store! So I'm trying to manifest a sum of money ($300) to buy a large chunk of supplies in order to get a jump start on fall and maybe begin paying myself some again! We're definitely running out of money for the tiny home and it's about time I get the abundance start flowin' again! Plus I need to get over this guilt I have around money, it's not a healthy thing and neither is stressing about money! No money = no tiny home= no business = no fun. 

So money = very good

And let me tell you, I started last night (probably around this time, aka 1 in the morning) and I've already manifested $160! And something important I've learned is that the source doesn't even matter, because you never know where it's going to come from. 

Start manifesting yourself some money and you'd be surprised where it starts to flow from! 

I guess we'll see in 7 days how the rest of this turns out, eh? 

IMG_5162 copy