Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 Goals


Can you believe the year is 75% over?! And after the whole 12/21/2012, we knew it would be awesome. But boy, we could have never guessed this awesome! 

I wanted to go over my goals again and see how I've done so far. Here goes! 

2013 Goals: 

  1. Graduate with my associates (I will graduate at the end of this semester!! Finally!)
  2. Make 300 sales-I'm at about halfway now. We had a rough summer..... I've still got time though, right? 
  3. Put some serious money into our savings account- Ha! Well we did and then we spent all of it on the Tiny home! So yes and no? 
  4. Work on buying less/living more simply We definitely do this. We're hardly even home anymore so we don't even have time to shop! And as far as living simply? I would say yes since we don't have time to squeeze in any extras! 
  5. Also work on living more sustainably. The tiny home counts for that right? 
  6. Participate in 10 shows/markets Oh ya, and more. 
  7. Create a lookbook for every month- I don't think this will happen as we have kind of changed our business
  8. Dedicate more time to sharing oils- not quite, hopefully I'll have more time after our house is built
  9. Makeover my Dad's house/pantry/life I've made over a few rooms here and I think I've definitely made a positive impact on my dad, eating wise. So I would say I've done as much as I can. 
  10. Substantially cut down on eating processed foods- With all the moving around, it's been tough but we're trying to get back to it. We were doing really good before the building though! 
  11. Make exercise a daily (or at least weekly) habit If I don't work out, I atleast do yoga. It's been great
  12. Ride bikes/rollerblade/skate more When we are at my dad's we bike a lot. 
  13. Volunteer at least once a month
  14. Travel to 5 new places- I don't think this will happen either. New priorities. 
  15. Go camping at least 4 times- We've gone twice with another definite trip planned. I think we'll complete by the end of the year! 
  16. Purchase a small camera (hopefully the one from my wish list)- I just need the money? 
  17. Learn how to can food
  18. Learn how to crochet- anyone want to teach me? 
  19. Work with Eliza on reading and coloring 
  20. Clean my Dad's garage- ugh 
  21. Start a garden  Speaking of which, we just picked a WATERMELON today! So excited to dig into it! 
  22. Build Eliza a play house  
  23. Read at least 1 book every month- pretty much
  24. Give away more 
  25. Make a new playlist every month
  26. Have a fashion show- New priorities
  27. Go rock climbing- gosh I need to make this happen! 

I think I've done a pretty good job! It's funny how priorities can change in one year. If only I had "Building my own house" on my list! Ha! 

How are you doing on your 2013 Goals List? You still have 2 months left! 

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