Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 5

This was a long week ya'll, in a good way though! We got to work Monday and Tuesday, but progress was so slow that we decided to come back for a few extra days! We actually got rained out one of the days (and our tiny home got soaked) but we definitely made up for it the next two. I just keep telling myself that it was mother nature trying to bless our house! Cool? Ok... 
IMG_0596 IMG_0602
Before putting up the wall that we started during week 4, we wanted to make sure the window fit. This was the first wall where we had to frame windows so we were pretty excited that it did, perfectly! 
And here is what it looks like when we work, Brandon sawing away at some wood with his computer set up so we have some tunes to jam to. I'm probably in the background screwing something together or smashing my finger with a hammer ;)
And here is my amazing mother in law helping us by cleaning the windows! I can't tell you guys how big of a help she has been. Besides letting us build our house here and letting us practically live in hers in the process, she always makes sure we have food and drinks and watches Eliza and helps build and clean up. Seriously, such a huge help. Thanks a ton Diana! 
Woo! Got the wall up! P.S. Please ignore my frumpy building clothes. 
And covered! 
And now on to finish the top portion of the loft walls. 
I guess during the rain storm, all the love bugs took shelter in our home! It's taken a few days for them to kind of clear out, I guess they kinda like it here. Oh... and then there's Brandon.... being a goof. 
Got the top part of the back loft wall up. 
And now both! 
IMG_0686 copy IMG_0696 IMG_0694
Bein' a diva, as usual. 
IMG_0698 copy
So the next few pictures are from the days that we ended up coming back. We set up a little play area for Eliza in the "living room" and got to work! 
IMG_0701 copy
We spent the next two days cutting wood and building this huge wall. 
IMG_0711 IMG_0713
We're kind of on a roll now. I'm glad we came back to squeeze in two extra days of work. We went from being behind schedule to ahead of schedule! Next up is to finish the wall that goes across from this and Eliza's loft/the bathroom! 

We are far from being finished but it feels so good to have most of the walls up. Ahhhh what a great week! 
IMG_5162 copy