Saturday, September 21, 2013

Store Update: Bath & Body

I've been selling these for a little bit at the local markets we've been doing but I was kind of waiting until I was 100% confident in them to list them online.... And here they are! 

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See all these and more at

A little bit about the process of making these products: So it all really began with a need. We needed products that weren't laden with chemicals and that we could trust. Almost automatically I turned to making our own, because that's what I do best. It starts with research, hours and hours of research. And then experimenting and testing. I can't tell you how many tester products we have laying around our bathroom and bedroom as we struggle to use them all and not let them go to waste! But that's probably the best part? 

After some tinkering, I decide on a *perfect* formula and if I think it's good enough for the store, then I figure out packaging and labeling and all that other good stuff. For each product, we pick a symbol. We're probably not going to be using our logo for much longer and I wanted to customize each product to emphasize the time and effort we put into each one. For the bath soaks, it was butterflies. So I hand drew each butterfly, scanned it, and created a label for it in photoshop. The last step is bringing it to the local markets to test them out with customers. We have been getting really good feedback, I think we draw people into our booth with just the smells alone! After I'm pretty confident in it's success, they get listed in the online store! Right now we have up the bath soaks, some scrubs, and the lip balms which have new labels and photography! 

We're kind of in the process of making a major transition. As I said before, we might be dropping our logo (kind of sad :/) to create a new look for what our store will transition into- body/wellness products and a store run by both Brandon and myself. It's been a pretty fun progression and I'm really excited about the product labels that you see here! So for each product I want to come up with a different symbol, sticking mostly to animals. I'm still tinkering with the labeling and figuring out what info I need to include on everything but I'm really liking what they are now. What do you think?

Oh! And I almost forgot! So since online customers won't have the opportunity of smelling these before purchasing, Brandon and I spent two whole days writing the best descriptions we could! You should go check them out because Brandon is a pretty awesome writer but I must warn you, you might just want to buy them after! Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Well I hope you guys have a great weekend! I'm out to enjoy this 70 DEGREE WEATHER before it slips away.
*Fall come soon please*

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