Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Feedin' the Ducks

The weather is finally cooling off enough to go do fun things like feeding the ducks! So that's exactly what we did.
Always making the goofiest faces.. way to go 
This is Brandon's latest reading material. He's been helping to produce a local radio show and was given this to read as homework. While we're traveling in the car, he'll read it aloud and it's pretty interesting and inspiring. It's mostly about using radio to spread the word about issues and just expressing whatever it is you want without being constrained to dumb radio rules. 
IMG_0352 IMG_0347
Eliza's best friend (and only friend?), Ruby
IMG_0386 IMG_0383
We got to see this family of little ducklings, so cute. I probably took one too many pictures of them. 
IMG_0358 copy
And apparently ducks LOVE cheerios. 
IMG_0390 IMG_0398 copy IMG_0404 copy IMG_0409 IMG_0411 copy
We went right at about lunch time so after the park, we stopped at this Mediterranean restaurant that we've been wanting to try for a while. 
IMG_0448 IMG_0435
And of course, we ordered a big plate of olives. Because.... olives.
IMG_0444 IMG_0432
I guess at this point Eliza was over me taking pictures of her. But even this one is cute! How can I resist?! 

IMG_5162 copy