Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cleaning Up My Act

While summer was fun and relaxing and wonderful, I also kind of let myself go a bit. I threw myself into our house project and kind of forgot about everything else. Work, school, homemaking, being healthy. Well, now it's time to get back into routine! I'm working on slowly adding these things back into my schedule while still keeping a balance and trying not to get too overwhelmed! And the first thing, was to get back into a healthy routine. 

I've been a terrible vegetarian this summer.... just a bad eater in general. So the first thing I'm working on is cleaning up my diet. Taking the meats out again, drinking green/fruit smoothies every morning and trying to have salads everyday for lunch. I'm letting myself be flexible with dinner as long as I have the smoothie and salad before. And I'm trying to limit myself to only a few desserts or treats a week. Pretty simple, not too complicated or strict but enough to get me back on a healthy eating plan. 

Another important thing, especially since it's still 100+ degrees outside is drinking enough water! We keep a gallon jug of water in our kitchen so whenever I'm thirsty I can just pour myself some water. I've also been enjoying putting essential oils in my water such as lemon, which helps to detoxify and get your body in an alkaline state (which cancer cannot survive in). It also helps to kill harmful bacteria, reduce acid in your stomach, and can just boost your overall mood! Another oil I like to add to my water is Slim & Sassy which can boost your energy and metabolism, help detoxify your body and keep you hydrated, and help manage your appetite between meals. Slim and sassy is my personal favorite but Brandon likes the lemon better. 

And of course, I've been making it a habit to be active every week! It kind of depends on our schedule but I try to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week. Usually in the form of work out videos but when we are actually home, I like to make bike-riding trips to the grocery store and do yoga. But on days that I don't need to go out or only have the time for a quick cardio session, I like to get on Youtube and pick a work out video! The advantage of that is they are free, there are so many videos that you can do a different workout everyday (for those that get bored quickly, like me!), and there is such a wide variety to choose from like different lengths, different target areas, and different styles of work outs. 

Here is my latest work out regimen: 

I like to try different ones every now and then but this one seems to be my go to. I really like the exercises and the pace/length of it, plus Jillian Michaels isn't too bad (here is another one that I like of hers too)

Whenever I'm done with that one, I also like to add this 5 minutes of ab work because a strong core is really important for being able to accomplish everything else.... and this momma need to get her belly back in shape!

And then I like to add a 20 minute yoga/cool down

I really like this lady, the other one of hers that I've tried and like is the relaxation video. I also want to try out her videos on standing poses, twisting, forward bends, and energy boost.

And if the little one isn't around or I need some extra peace/relaxation, I try to add a 5 minute mediation. This video is a nice one to walk you through it. 

I try to work out in the morning so it's out of the way and it prepares me for the rest of the day. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way or I don't wake up early enough so really, it's just where ever I can fit it in. The important thing is that I make an effort those 4 or 5 days a week to be active and take care of my body. I find that the compilation of short work out videos work best for me. That way it kind of breaks up the workout and I can change up whichever ones I am not feeling that day. The possibilities are endless really and I think that's what keeps me interested! 

Do you guys have any favorite Youtube workouts? Send me a link!! 

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