Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 2

Finishing The Floor

We finally finished the floor this week but not without help! Brandon's dad and my best friend, Jackson, came down to assist and boy did they help! I'm telling you, four people can get so much more done than just two. Plus, a lot of the work is best done in pairs so having four people was just perfect. 
Before the boys came, Brandon and I finished up covering the bottom of the frames with aluminum flashing. Then we flipped them all over and put them in place. This part was a little tedious. We had to make sure they were all in the exact right spot while at the same time make sure they were all square! It helped to start at the front since we had to make sure there was a gap between the floor frame and the rail. And then we did the middle and then made sure that the back frame was flush with the back of the trailer. Then we went back to the front and made sure that was square. When it was perfect, we screwed it into the trailer using heavy duty angle connectors where the planks of the trailer were. Next, we made sure the middle frame was in the right place, and bolted it to the front frame using about 4 3/8" carriage bolts. Once we made sure the middle frame was square, we secured it to the trailer with the angle connectors. And then we continued on to the last frame, bolting it to the middle frame, squaring it, and then connecting it to the trailer. 
Below you can see the angle connectors. I put one on each floor joist but alternated sides making sure to screw them in where the planks of the trailer bed were. The wooden planks of the trailer are connected to the steel joists on the trailer. 
After they were all connected to each other and the trailer, we secured them down to the trailer using one more method which I'll explain later. We made sure to do this before putting in the insulation because after that, it would get all sealed up!
For the insulation, we used two different types. I chose to go with a 1/2" rigid foam insulation first to create one more air/vapor/rodent/insect barrier on the bottom. 
IMG_9117 copy
After cutting a piece out for each section, we sealed up the gaps with insulating foam sealant making sure to fill up every single hole.  This was just one more protective layer to keep anything from coming up through the bottom of the trailer. 
Then we put in Ecotouch Fiberglass Insulation which fit perfectly between our 16" on center floor joists. A word of caution, do not get this stuff on your skin. I suggest wearing gloves, a long sleeve shirt, and pants. I wore gloves but let it touch my arms which started itching like crazy. Seriously, be careful. 
IMG_9132 copy
And last comes the plywood! We applied some subfloor adhesive on all the joists and frame pieces and then laid down our 3/4" plywood. We screwed them into the frame using 2" screws. 
Annnnnnnnd the floor frame is finished! 
A serious thanks to our helpers that day. I can not express how great it is to have people come to help us build our dream home! 
Next comes.... the walls!! I. Can't. Wait. 
You can see week one of tiny home building here. Also, I created a page to keep track of all the posts I've done so far on our tiny home project. You can get to it from the tab over there in the sidebar or this link here

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