Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tiny Home Building: Week 1

Prep & Building The Floor 
Wohoo! First week of building! Gosh, this first week was really exciting but definitely not without it's hardships. We had to do a lot of prep work before we actually got started building and then the building from there went pretty slow. I think I underestimate the time it really takes to do things... either that or I underestimate the amount of time we actually have available to do things. Everything is taking twice as much time as I anticipate but.... I guess that's just part of learning. The first week kind of set the table for how the rest of this process will be. We got our feet wet a little and the next week was even better. It's freakin' hot out there but we aren't going to let that stop us. We learned that sunscreen and lots of water are a mustIt's been fun to figure things out and work through the obstacles we come across, with every step that we accomplish being even more of an encouragement. But most importantly, it's been really fun to be able to do this together. This is quite the adventure ~

So the first thing we did this week was get all these dang sheets of plywood off the trailer! We hit the jackpot on Craigslist and saved ourselves about $200 by buying all of them at once! They are used but in pretty good condition. 
IMG_8691 IMG_8690 IMG_8692
After we got them off, we separated them by size and got out the ones we needed to use first. Then Brandon power washed them so they would have time to dry before we used them for the floor. 
Next, we had to prep the trailer. Because we have weight restrictions, we want to use the least amount of wood as possible (while still being safe). So we took out some of the boards that were on the bottom of the trailer bed. We made sure that there were boards every 24" on center. You can see below that we started to do this but on the second picture, you can see the final outcome of taking the boards out. 
With the trailer ready to go, we started building the floor frame. We decided to make our studs 16" on center and are planning to use 3/4" plywood as the subfloor. Because we are building around the wheel wells to maximize our width, we had to build the floor frame in three sections (front, back, middle). We started by building the back portion first.... 
And then moved on to the front, leaving the middle section for last. Also, I should note here that we had to make a small adjustment on the front part because of the rail you see. It looks to be a structural component of the hitch so we decided to leave it there. To build around it, we just subtracted the amount of space we would need for the plywood on the outside of the wall, the vapor barrier, and the siding plus maybe 1/4" just in case. So we subtracted that amount from the floor frame so that our wall won't be right up against the rail and we would have room for the siding. 
After we got the floor frame pieces built, we flipped them over and covered them with 20" x 50' aluminum flashing. We made sure to overlap on the sides (where the layers of flashing met) and at the edges of the frame. We attached it to the frame with 1" roofing nails and caulked all edges with flashing sealant to seal up any gaps. 
We only covered about 2/3 of it with flashing this week but we made lots of progress! Brandon and I built the frames all by ourselves and then our friend Jordan came to help us with the flashing. 

And one little note, we built the frame using 3" screws.We also made sure to drill pilot holes before the screws so we wouldn't split the wood. This is a bit time consuming but totally worth it. You definitely don't want your floor frame to be cracked everywhere! 

So that's the first week! I was planning on finishing the floor completely this week but like I said, everything is taking double the amount of time! Oh well, I'm just happy that this is actually happening. Eeeeee! 

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