Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seabrook Music Festival

A few photos from the music festival we did last weekend. I kind of revamped the set up a little since we've added some new products to the store. Most of which aren't in the online store yet so you guys get a little sneak peek, you lucky dogs! And speaking of dogs, see that shirt to the right? I taught Brandon to sew and now he is upcycling his own line of men's clothes! What a guy (: 
(and yes, we ended up right in front of the port-a-potties... luckily we have a bunch of smelly stuff so it wasn't too bad!)
IMG_9203 IMG_9214 IMG_9216
IMG_9225 IMG_9228 IMG_9237 IMG_9242
I also brought my henna stuff along for some live entertainment, good thing too because it made up over half of our sales!!
IMG_9282 copy IMG_9284 IMG_9287IMG_9286
Shows are a lot of work and there was a time that we were doing so many that it got really old but.... there's nothing like getting out there, meeting people, and actually getting to see your products go home with customers that really enjoy your craft. It's a great reminder of why you do it in the first place. 
IMG_5162 copy