Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tiny Home: Sketch-Up

Our tiny home is coming along wonderfully. We got all the wood and stuff we need to start the floor frame which is going down this Tuesday! EEeeeeee. 

To give you guys an idea of what this thing is going to look like, I sketched up these two drawings of the inside. Here's a little tour (: 
IMG copy
Starting at the top left is Eliza's little loft room. Near the end of it, there will be some bookcases to also serve as kind of a wall so that she doesn't roll out! Right underneath is our bathroom. This is the only enclosed "room" in our tiny home. I was pretty adamant about having a bathtub and found one that is only 4.5 feet! We will also have a composting toilet and closet space in there. Then you have half of our kitchen. The sink will be on this side as well as those shelves for pantry or other storage. Next is our lovely door. And then you get to the "living area" where we will have storage, a fold down kitchen table, as well as a few chairs. I plan on making the table fold down so that when we want to have movie nights (or possibly guests) we can roll out a nice little palette and use the whole floor as a sofa or bed. Above that will be the master loft! 
This side is kind of the same. You see the master loft with the living area below. Then the other half of our kitchen. I want to make a ladder for Eliza that's a bit safer than the others I've seen in tiny homes. The plan is to make it less steep and possibly built in. Then you have the other side of the bathroom which will probably be our closet. And in Eliza's loft, she will also have a little clothes rack to hang her clothes as well.
So that's our little tiny home plan! (: 
IMG_5162 copy