Monday, July 1, 2013

Impromptu Trip To Big Bear Lake

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Arizona to visit some family. It was great and relaxing and just nice to see the fam. And I suppose I was so relaxed that I forgot to take pictures! But in the middle of our vacation, Brandon and I took a mini-vacation and hopped over to California to visit one of ourgood friends (we were just too close not to)! And I took a ton of pictures. We literally decided on going the day before, booked a cheap hotel that night, and took off driving the next day. We decided to meet at Big Bear Lake, CA and it was perfect.
IMG_7820 IMG_7823 IMG_7840 copy IMG_7866 copy
Big Bear Lake is a cute, weird, and very scenic little town centered around this beautiful lake and buried in the middle of a bunch of mountains. We just kind of happened upon finding this place to meet and I'm so glad we did. Mostly, we ended up doing a lot of walking and driving around. Because of the short amount of time we had, we didn't get to do as many activities as we'd have liked but it was nice to take it all in and just be. With our good friend.
IMG_7890IMG_7909 copy IMG_7914
Two of my favorite boys right here
IMG_7947 copy
Can you see the moon? 
IMG_7949 IMG_7951 IMG_7954
And the solar observatory that we couldn't get to *sigh*
IMG_7958 IMG_7964 IMG_7970 IMG_7984 IMG_7992 IMG_8001 copy
Gosh, I can't believe I was there. Can we go back please? 
IMG_5162 copy