Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life Update!

Guys, I *think* it's official. We are..... building a tiny home!!

The last two months, we've gone back and forth between building a tiny home and possibly buying a home to start a little coop. But buying a home is much more of a permanent decision than we'd like and frankly, we don't have enough money for that. However, we have felt the need to not live in our parents house any more and we don't really want to rent.

Soooo we are going to build a tiny home on wheels! We're going to build it completely with the money we have saved up (that way we won't be in debt!). Once it's done, we are going to rent some land to park it on. We have two options for places right now but haven't narrowed it down to one yet. As of a few weeks ago, we were going to take our time and build it over the course of a year. But a few days ago, we finally sat down, had like a two hour conversation and decided that if we are going to do this, we gotta just do it! Especially with certain things that have happened recently, we feel compelled to really make our dreams come true. As we are getting closer to finishing community college, it's time for us to make another positive step forward before we go on to graduate school or whatever and we think that this is it! So we started talking to our family and concluded that we need to finish it by the end of this year! 

We are so so excited! And scared. Terrified, really. But we are going for it! And that's all that really matters, right? So I'm putting my trust in the universe, it's going to happen ya'll!

Anyways, here's some of my home building inspiration. *eeeeeeeek*

I love the look of this little, hippy abode!
This one too, how cozy!
tiny house tour
This layout is something we are really considering. The loft with a bed up top, bathroom on the left, and gally style kitchen along one wall.
I love this decor and I really like those couches!
Simple bed area, I love all the neutral colors
Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson - Featured in Martha Stewart Liv
That wall of shelves! I think we're going to have one of those!
Tiny House by Jessica Helgerson - Featured in Martha Stewart Liv
This is the other half of the house from the picture above. I love the mixture of white wood and natural wood.
*sigh* this is so pretty. I want all of this?
I really love this window, I'm planning on getting a half circle window like this for our kitchen area!
Love the tile and shelves for our kitchen. I'm debating between wood or concrete counters. What do you think?

And that sliding door! I want to put one like this on our bathroom to save a little room.
We will have a tiny bathroom but I am determined to have a tub.
And then I want to surround it with subway style tiles! Love the combo of white tiles and rustic wood.

Some pros of living in a tiny home on wheels:  
  • We are really looking forward to downsizing and simplifying our lives so that we will have more time to spend on things more meaningful than cleaning and taking care of household chores! 
  • With our tiny home, we will be much closer to the places we spend most of our time these days (ie, downtown, up north where most of our family and friends are) We have spent some much time driving and being away from home lately, it gets tiring
  • We'll finally have a place of our own (!!!) which means total control of the decorating. Oh ya. 
  • Because of the small size, we will have some room to splurge on nice home furnishings! It will be tiny but it's going to be awesome! 
  • We'll be in a much friendlier and supportive environment (kind of the reason for our newly found motivation)
  • More control over our impact on the environment
  • We will definitely be living more sustainably, I think that living small will force us into this
  • We will have more control over the products that enter our home and especially the things Eliza is exposed to
  • We'll be able to keep it so much cleaner (my dad's house is so hard to manage with a 3 year old wrecking everything!) 
  • With a smaller home, we'll be forced to spend more time outside of our home like outdoors! 
  • We've got some work-related plans/ideas that we can't accomplish while living here (more on that later) 

While living in our tiny home might be limiting in some aspects, we are really looking forward to the opportunities and freedom that will come with this decision! Oi, I guess this post makes it really official! Kind of daunting... but what do you guys think? Am I totally crazy or what?!

*to any family and/or friends that might read this (or anyone else that can help!) we are looking for volunteers to help build and home building supplies! I'll do another post on that later but we are graciously accepting what anyone has to offer! You can comment here or email me at Thanks in advance!* 

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