Friday, June 14, 2013

House(bedroom) Tour

Hello loves! I'm posting from Arizona this morning. I meant to get this post out a few days ago but.... I'm on vacation! Anyways, I finally got around to cleaning our little bedroom and taking pictures so here it is! This is where we have been living for the past few months: 
I put these shelves up the last time we lived here (like 3 years ago, you can see how they looked here) but when we came back, I stained the wood a darker color and I love how industrial it made them look. Plus I love how flexible they are. I can put up as many or as little as I want and space them out depending on whatever we need. 
IMG_7537 copy
I'm sure you all know by now that we've been working hard on minimizing our material possessions. This shelving area one of the few storage spaces we have and we've been working on condensing it more and more to prepare for our tiny home! Keeping only the things that we absolutely love and have meaning to us. Most are gifts or souvenirs with special memories. 
IMG_7542 IMG_7561 IMG_7567 IMG_7572
Besides my undies and other things that can't hang, this pretty much makes up all of my clothes! Our actual closet holds Brandon and Eliza's clothes. 
IMG_7593 copy
IMG_7583 copy
One big thing I did during our last move was minimize the amount of frames and pictures we had. You can see the crazy amounts of pictures we had two years ago here and one year ago here. Most we either got rid of or stored the pictures in a photo album. But I love this simple way of displaying important pictures. 
I love this little corner. This nightstand is one of the few pieces of furniture that was actually ours that we kept from our apartment. It was thrifted (duh) and you can see how I refurbished it a bit in this post. 
Our bed in one word? Simple. I've really been loving the simplicity of having the bed on the floor. Plus it makes it more fun (and less dangerous!) to play on. Eliza loves running and somersaulting on it! We tore apart our bed frame and decided to use that wood for something else (maybe our tiny home?!). 
IMG_7628 IMG_7632 IMG_7637
These little figurines are from Brandon's childhood. They were handmade by some guy and are the last of their kind. He doesn't have much from his childhood so that makes them extra special!
IMG_7651 copy IMG_7656
Our little crystal collection. This is our "chill out" corner. Whenever we get stressed out, we always end up over here lighting some incense and candles. It's become a nice little habit to help us unwind. 
IMG_7673 copy
Plus I just love watching the smoke incense twist and twirl in the air. It's kind of like watching a campfire. 

And that's pretty much it! To the left of that basket right there is the entrance to my studio and to the left of that are my shelves. 

We spend a lot of time in this room. I mean, it's pretty much where we live. I love how simple it is. I knew during our move over here that I wanted to get rid of a lot of things and we did (and still are)! Probably my most favorite part about this room is how white the walls are so I've been trying my best to keep the wall decor to a minimum. If you look at our first home tours (see links below), we'd done a lot to minimize our stuff. It's been so gratifying and I can't wait to take our next step and move into a tiny home! It's going to be awesome guys.

You can see what this bedroom at my dad's house looked like before as my studio.

Or check out our other home tours back when we lived in our apartment. 
2013 bedroomliving areakitchen
2012 bedroomliving area

I'm off to vacationing now! I hope to squeeze in a few more posts while I'm here but no promises. I've got some serious relaxing to do (: 

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