Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eliza's Products

I've shared our conversion to more natural and healthy products before (here and here) and even did a post about the dangers found in common beauty products. However, I've never gone into detail about the products we use for Eliza. When we first started out, we simplified a lot. We only used a few products for all three of us and then once we found brands we liked, we (and when I say we, I really mean me) went all out! 
Here's a list of the products Eliza is using as of now. 
1. California Baby- Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash. We were using the unscented Dr. Bronners soap but we had a problem with it getting in her eyes! So we opted for a tear-free soap
2. California Baby- Overtired and Cranky Bubble Bath. We don't use this every night but it's a fun treat to use occasionally! 
3. Shea Moisture- Mango & Carrot Kids Extra Nourishing Conditioner. This is great for Eliza's thin hair... plus it smells great. Brandon even uses it now! 
4. California Baby- Calming Hair De-tangler Spray. Eliza has hair like mine which means it tangles easy. Both of us use this and it is a tremendous help. Sometimes I'll even catch her trying to use it herself which usually results in one very soaked spot on that beautiful head of hers! 
5. Tom's- Children's Toothpaste, Silly Strawberry. We love Tom's toothpaste and I was so happy when I found a children's version! Eliza got a crack out of the "silly strawberry", she just haaaaad to have it.

So we use the toothpaste (obviously) and hair detangler every day. Eliza bathes about every other day and we only wash her hair about every other bath so maybe about once a week...unless she ends up with some kind of gunk in her hair (it happens, ya know?). And the bubble bath is a treat and probably gets used once every week or two....
 So that's that. Eliza's full beauty routine in a nutshell! 

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