Monday, April 8, 2013

How I Feel When

A post inspired by the lovely lady over at My Little Loves. This is kind of how my day went. 
when Brandon decided to sleep in and Eliza finally dragged me out of bed
when our extended breakfast time ends and it's *actually* time to get the day started 
when dealing with a grumpy, uncooperative Eliza
when I get overwhelmed by everything and nothing at the same time.... mondays to this to me. 
when we sneakily try to wake Brandon up...
but he doesn't want to get out of bed
when I got a long awaited package today 
when finally getting back to work
when Eliza gets sassy with me 
when I have send Eliza to time out for the THIRD time in one hour for the SAME thing 
when I eventually have a mini meltdown 
when it's decided that Brandon is going to cook dinner tonight
when my dad comes home and Eliza is finally occupied with someone other than me
when I all the sudden realize I have a ton of homework to do before the night ends!

Annnnd just for giggles
(Alex-if you are reading this, this is for you!)

Now I gotta get back to my homework, mehhhh. 

Happy Monday ya'll! 

IMG_5162 copy