Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY: Seed Bombs

IMG_6138 IMG_6070
You need: 
5 parts Red Clay (plus a little water to make it dough-y)
3 parts Soil 
1 part Seeds 
IMG_6076 IMG_6083 copy
Mix all your ingredients together in a bowl
IMG_6090 copyIMG_6114 copy
Once mixed thoroughly, break into little 1 inch chunks and roll into balls
IMG_6121 copyIMG_6109 copyIMG_6126 IMG_6134 IMG_6160 copy
Store in dry place for a couple of days (we left ours dry on that green lid). And then throw them all around town! We read one article that said to throw about 10 per square yard for full coverage. We threw ours in this large ditch by our house. Hopefully in a few weeks, they'll be sprouted and we'll do an update! So that's that. 

Happy seed bombing! 

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