Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Birthday List 2013

Well folks, it's about that time! My birthday is coming up (on the 26th!) and it's time that I posted my annual birthday list! Here's what on my wishlist this year: 
Canon SX40, I've been wanting a point and shoot camera for a while. Something that is easier than my dslr to carry around but still take great shots. The Canon SX40 seems like the one for me and it shoots video!! 
Chicago Skyline
The next big thing I want is a trip to Chicago (and possibly New York). I gots a friend and some family that I want to visit up there. Plus, Chicago is just cool? 
I would like to take some Yoga classes. 

Other simple things on my list: 
A camping trip
A thrifting adventure
Something consumable, organic, sustainable, or handmade 
Money to put into savings, for oils, or a road trip 
Trying to keep it simple this birthday because we're trying to minimize... but you all know that! I'm trying to avoid commercial things like beauty products, or clothes, or birthday cards. I don't get birthday cards.... maybe if they were handmade? It just seems like a waste to me...
So that's that! It doesn't feel like it's going to be my birthday. Does that every happen to ya'll? I suppose it'll hit me the few days before. I'm just glad it lands on a Friday, this year there will be no working for me or Brandon (right?! Brandon? Right?!). It'll just be an all day relaxfest. Ahhh yaa. (: 
IMG_5162 copy