Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Few Things: Going With The Flow

In this post, I talked a lot about wanting something to happen. Like so bad that it hurt. I was in a bad place and really frustrated with how my life was. I was so eager to move forward and get going as fast as I could.
Sometimes life gets me down in. Like when terrible, unexpected things happen or maybe just something you wanted to happen, didn't go the way you wanted. But then something amazing happens. It can be something so simple as people that just GET you. Or maybe things unfolding into something better than you could have ever planned. I feel like sometimes life throws these random things in our way but if you have the courage to open back up and take in everything (the good and the bad) some great things can come of it. 

I'm trying to learn lately how to let things happen, to go with the flow. To respect the nature of things and not try to force anything. To know that something good is around the corner even if something bad is right in front of you. I think I've been struggling for a while with the direction I wanted out of my life. I was trying to force something and being impatient. But then I learned to just let things happen. And they have! I stopped trying to force things and just live. Despite setbacks, I feel like I've made some great steps forward. Even when things don't go my way, I am learning to accept that maybe it wasn't meant to be. Life has another plan for me. I just need to let it happen. And enjoy what I've got now. 

I'm learning to be more in the present, to fully enjoy and experience now. To explore my feelings instead of putting them aside. To figure out and heal myself. To do that, I have to let go of a lot of expectations and be more appreciative. And I can't be trying to force things that aren't going to happen. Good things come when you work hard, yes, but I also have to learn to see the signs and learn what's working and what's not. 
I've also been working on my giving. I've been working on being more open and loving. Not just to everyone around me but also to myself. I've been working on simplifying. My life yes but also my thoughts. I don't need to be doing a million things at once. If I need to take a day, I don't want to punish myself the whole time for not doing anything productive. I'm working on enjoying where I am. And where other people are. 
The longer we are in this town, the more I am feeling that Houston is our home. And that we might stay here forever. Even if we didn't, if we do, I would be completely ok with that. I think for a long time I was just rejecting where I was. And that closed me off to anything good that could possibly happen. Then somewhere along the line that changed. And lots of good things came from that. And good things are still coming from that. I just need to have faith that everything will turn out alright. 

So something I'm working on, is going with the flow. And to give as much as I can because I feel like that helps me in some weird way. The more you give, the more you get. Right? 
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