Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Brother

Tuesday morning, my step-brother Joseph died of an overdose. He was 21 years old. He would have turned 22 on March 11. 

 It has been hard. And beautiful. Though there was a loss of life, there has been an over-flowing amount of love in this house. The beautiful part of all this being how death can bring people together. When I heard the news, I pulled Eliza out of school and we drove up to my mother and step-father's house. I was met by my brother, sister, and mother-in-law. We were there when my mom and step-dad arrived home. We opened our arms and shared their grief.

The sadness comes in waves. I can't even imagine my mother and step-father's pain. The pain of losing a child. No matter how bad it gets though, I hope they know that we are always here for them. Here to remember and to help them heal.

Joseph was a beautiful person. When he smiled, it was sincere. When he laughed, it was something to be cherished.

On the inside he was kind and yearned to be loved. 
On the outside, he was sarcastic and blunt. 
He had a way of turning everything into a joke and making everyone laugh.

He had a rough life but he was strong. 
He had beautiful dreams and I'm sad that they will never come true. 

I think that Joseph was a lost soul. It brings me great sorrow to think that he was never able his way, that he succumbed to a life-consuming addiction of drugs. 

 I hope that wherever he is now, he finds peace. 
And love.

To my brother, Joseph. 
March 11, 1991- March 5, 2013

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