Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life Lately

Some things we've been up to lately
I mean, look at that face
IMG_4260 copy
So we made these salt dough beads and then decided we needed to paint them! 
Family paint party!
IMG_4270 IMG_4274
But eventually Eliza got bored and just started painting herself. Nice. 
IMG_4277 IMG_4283 copy
IMG_3975 copy
Speaking of painting, I've also been doing some not-so-fun painting around my dad's. Covering wall paper is a pain. 
IMG_4472 copy
Eliza being quite ferocious in my combat boots 
IMG_4468 IMG_4483 copy
One of my favorite desserts as of late. All you do is heat up this apple sauce, top with some granola and a scoop of ice cream. Yumm-o! 
Recently, I infused some apple cider vinegar and Brandon and I like to take shots of it. The one on the left (mine) also has some orange juice in it. Sounds weird but it's actually pretty delicious. Read about the benefits of acv here
Although I'm not exactly a fan of the whole cheer leading thing, she does look pretty darn cute. 
IMG_4803 copy
Over the weekend, we spent some time at my mother-in-law's house and I found this picture of Brandon. Daaaaawwww. 
IMG_4817 copy
Brandon helped put up this swing for his mom's birthday. 
IMG_4813 IMG_4840
And I'm not really sure how this happened but a few hours before we left, Brandon and I decided to fix up her garden!
There's a little fenced section with the beginnings of a raised bed there but it was entirely overgrown. We managed to till 2/3 of the soil and get two rows going there. Not quite finished yet but we got a good start. 
Also, gardening in my pajamas. Everyone does that right? 

*On a sad note, we had a death in the family yesterday. I have a few posts lined up already but I may be a little quiet around here. Give your loved ones some extra love today, you never know when your time together will be up.*

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