Monday, March 25, 2013



In between my weird and brief mood swings, I've been feeling a lot of joy this week. 

Our weekdays were busy with lots of work and school. Then on Friday we went downtown for some dinner and a block party! My dad, brother, and mother-in-law came and it was really nice to all be together as a family. On Saturday, I did one of my favorite monthly market's. It wasn't very busy and I hardly sold anything but I talked to a lot of people about oils and had a good time meeting new and old friends. After that, we went to a family friend's birthday party and I got my fill of craw fish (something I had been looking forward to all week). And spent the rest of the night just hanging out with friends.

Sunday, we woke up and half of my family was sick! Ok, by half I really just mean my sister and mother-in-law. So I ran around town, getting my oils, chicken noodle soup, and crackers, trying to nurse everyone back to health! I'll have to do a post about flu bombs, they're life-savers ya'll! The rest of our Sunday was spent planting a garden for my mother-in-law, dying easter eggs, and making dinner for my mom and step-dad (I made my stuffed bell peppers and they loved them!).

I've been feeling a change coming on and I think it's starting to take place. Slowly, I'm putting more energy into helping people with essential oils and leaning away from my clothes business. Don't get me wrong, it's been great. But in the past few months I've been kind of losing interest. I haven't made anything (clothes wise) in probably 6 months and I've still got tons of clothes I need to list but I find myself not really caring about it? My interest from that seems to have gone to my garden and cooking and health. And I feel like maybe that's where my "career" (if you can call it that) is going. 

I've also been feeling like I'm looking for something lately. Like I'm standing in a fog and there's something right in front of me but I can't quite see it yet? I'll be sitting in my studio (like now) trying to get some work done but it has lost it's purpose. I love clothes and I like sewing. But as I become more minimalist, I've changed my mentality on what I want my purpose to be and selling clothes just isn't cutting it. I know people need clothes, and eco-friendly clothes (like I sell) are where it's at. But ever since I've stumbled across this essential oils stuff, I feel like there's something better. Like selling clothes isn't good enough... Or maybe, I could be doing something that would be more meaningful. I don't know. I just feel like there's something else but I haven't quite figured it out yet. I guess until then I'll just have to keep moving forward with my hands in front, feeling out my way. 

Right now, I'm looking for more opportunities in this oil thing. I feel really passionate about them and I would really love to be able to support myself with it. 

But along with that, I've also been looking for great people. For connection. This is something we've been lacking a lot of in the last three years and now all the sudden I'm just craving some human interaction. And not just any people. Good people. People that I can bond with. People that have some of the same values as me. People that are sincere and honest and unafraid. People I can become friends with for the rest of my life. 

One of the best parts about getting into essential oils is the people I've met along the way. I've never felt so loved and automatically accepted when walking into a room. And then to share with them something so beautiful as these essential oils. Nothing can beat that experience.I wish I could bring everyone I know to one of these meetings so they can feel the same thing! (and if any of you are in Houston, I'd love to bring you along!!) 

Gosh, excuse my rambling. I've just felt so lucky lately and sometimes it almost seems not real and impossible to put into words sometimes. It's been a little confusing not knowing my next move but it's kind of fun seeing how everything is playing out. I'm just trying to stay open to new things and waiting to see what happens. 

So what's going on with you guys? 

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