Saturday, March 23, 2013

Girlish Garb: P-A-R-K P-A-R-K Park Park Park

Anyone know that little song? Yes? No? 

Anyways. A few days ago, we woke up early to run some errands and stopped at this cute little park we found. I hadn't done an outfit post in a while so Brandon took charge of the camera and documented our little adventure. It was really fun because usually, on outings, I'm the one wielding the camera. So it was fun for me to be in front of the camera this time and not behind. 
IMG_5369 copy IMG_5364 IMG_5331
The park was right across the street from this huge body of water (I think it's the bay?). So we walked over for a little bit to look in and see if we could spot any fishies. We didn't. 
IMG_5411 IMG_5406 IMG_5418

Dress- Thrifted 
Hooded Poncho- Neoclassics
Quartz Necklace- Handmade, find similar ones here
Tan Suede Boots- Thrifted 

Then we went back to the park and found this awesome tree to climb. Let me tell you, climbing in a dress is no easy feat! But I was determined. 
IMG_5437 IMG_5438 IMG_5442
Eliza tried climbing too! She got about two feet up and started freaking out. It was funny because it was the kind of tree that runs kind of parallel to the ground. So she was only two feet off the ground but acting like she was about to die. Dramatic little girl. 
She did make it up though! Eventually. With some help.
IMG_5457 IMG_5465 IMG_5469 IMG_5475 IMG_5481
And of course, Brandon had to get his share of climbing too. 
IMG_5492 IMG_5496 copy
And then we just played. 
IMG_5504 copy
Funny story about this day. Right after the first three pictures were taken, Brandon and I actually got in a huge fight. And Brandon left us! I thought Eliza and I were just going to have to play all by ourselves at this park we had never been to. It was kind of sad. But then he came back (yaay) and we made up and had a really nice time. Apparently, while he was gone, he went to our favorite natural store and got some Kombuuucha! So I guess it was the Kombucha that saved the day! Hooray for Kombucha! And lovely spring days at the park!
IMG_5162 copy