Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garden Update

Here's a mini garden update. It's been raining a lot over here so we weren't able to get too many pictures. Besides, I've got some weeding to do before I show the entire garden. ;) In the mean time, here are some snapshots of what's been growing! (you can see what it looked like in February here)
So this is the newest section of our garden. My dad went out on a limb and bought some blueberry plants sooo we had to make this to put them in! We've also got some banana peppers, rosemary, citronella, green onions, bell peppers, and some chard growing here. And I think that's lavender to the left? 
These are our bell peppers. I'm pretty proud of these, I grew them from seed :)
And this is one of the banana peppers. I had to buy this one from the store, I could not find banana pepper seeds to save my life!
IMG_5806 copy
Here are our little cherry tomatoes! Although you can't see, the one on the left has about twice as many tomatoes as this one! Also, I don't know what's up with the yellowing and spots on the leaves? Any advice/suggestions??
Here I've got some brussel sprouts growin'. They're HUGE! Also some Jalapeno plants that I grew from seeds (these are going out to friends) and some celery that I grew from the end of one I got from the store!
Our broccoli is doing fantastic. 
And these are our sweet peas, also doing pretty good. These are the only things we've been able to harvest so far and boy are they yummy! 

All my patience is finally paying off! I'm really starting to enjoy this gardening thing. 

So what about you? Any fellow gardeners out there?? 
IMG_5162 copy