Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Report: The Bread Bible


In my quest for becoming a homemaker, I have been really into making our own foods that we would otherwise buy processed. This means I need to learn tons of new skills and so the library is my new best friend! I found the book above in hopes to finally find a bread recipe I could be satisfied with and.... just wow. Every recipe I have tried is incredible and delicious and mouthwateringly tasty. The only recipe that I haven't liked yet is the Ricotta Loaf because it is just too rich and I can hardly even finish off a small slice! 

My two favorites have been the recipe for Cheddar Loaf and this: 
Dun dun dun dunnnnnn! Kalamata Olive Bread. 
If you are an olive lover (like myself) than this is the perfect bread for you! I have actually been buying this kind of bread from a store down the street but haven't come across a recipe of it that I am satisfied with. Until now. 
IMG_4905 copy
I finished baking this bread after we had already put Eliza down to sleep and Brandon and I had to stop ourselves from eating up the whole dang loaf! I think we were only able to save two slices. One for Eliza and one for my dad. 

This book has been extremely helpful in my bread-making. I'm sure if you follow me on instagram, you've seen all my delightful creations. In the beginning of the book, it goes into detail about the science behind the recipes and bread making in general. Seriously, I think something in my brain just clicked because now it all makes sense! 

Anyways, if you like to make bread or would like to learn, this is the book to get. It has probably every recipe you could ever want. And more

IMG_5162 copy